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  1. HanakoHikari

    still playing Final Fantasy XIV + I finished Devil May Cry 5 a month ago (amazing game, loved everything about it, and gave me everything I wanted after DMC4) but they recently released the Bloody Palace DLC so I'm playing some of that as well
  2. HanakoHikari

    from my sister's wedding day, it was my first time wearing contacts.... never again
  3. HanakoHikari

    oh wow 10 years already, congratulations!! I was browsing through my old livejournal entries a while ago and several of them were dedicated to TW haha, I was only a teenager when I first joined and I met lots of amazing people and discovered tons of good bands and music (even if all I did was create game threads in the spam section like rate the avatar above you or say something about the previous person lmao I still had lots of fun) here's to more years!
  4. HanakoHikari

    it's been yeeeeeaaars, here's an update :')
  5. HanakoHikari

    ギルガメッシュ - Freesia I still listen to this song from time to time, brings back lots of nice memories :')
  6. HanakoHikari

    I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiive (also snapchat filters are the best okay)
  7. HanakoHikari

    sup peeps I miss this place
  8. HanakoHikari

    still playing FFXIV (can't stop won't stop), and just got Tales of the Abyss on DS ahhhh I've missed playing it on PS2
  9. HanakoHikari

    whoaaaa It's been a while! (man I'm loving the new site design) soooo here's some random doodles to update this dump!
  10. HanakoHikari

    still playing the crap out FFXIV, when the server's dead I switch to tales of zestiria
  11. HanakoHikari

    someone please get this song out of my head
  12. I'm currently studying chemical engineering (two more semesters to go jfc) which is something I dislike so very much, but yeah, forced by my parents
  13. HanakoHikari

    oh my god shiiso-king from LJ ?????? i'm going to cry I just visited your LJ and almost cried because I used to obsess over your work and your amazing graphics ;n;! [it's been so long omg I hope you're doing well!!] and thank you so much it means a lot!!
  14. HanakoHikari

    decided to update this thread:
  15. HanakoHikari

    the witcher 3 is /so/ good + started replaying final fantasy 7: dirge of cerberus last night
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