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  1. Cupcakes

    I can't help but keep liking niki's and umetora's songs tbh. But in general I'm more into the Utaite covers than the original vocaloid ones? I mean, I have about 23 versions by 22 different artists of Papiyon's 心做し.
  2. Randomly found CLØWD's Kou on an Utaite album. Now is the question; will I try CLØWD?

    1. Biopanda


      Try CLØWD. Or rather, try Kou's previous band, the Sherry, cus they were even better :v

  3. Cupcakes

    rather than love or friends, i need food
  4. Cupcakes

  5. Cupcakes

    Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
  6. Someone who listen to VK obviously. Nah but more serious, Someone who cheats (can you still call it a relationship then) and bigotry are the biggest deal breakers. Ticked some more but yeah.
  7. Cupcakes

    Dragon Age is taking over my life
  8. Cupcakes

    星輝子 - 毒茸伝説 Because mushrooms.
  9. Listening to stuff I used to like when I was active on this forum... I think....

  10. Cupcakes

    what the hell did i listen to in 2010
  11. Cupcakes

    Mucc - フリージア
  12. Cupcakes

    Got a new one yesterday~
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