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  1. Hakoniwa

    Loving the grandma look!! It's like Horizont's Tatsurou got many years older... the glasses have also changed! :0 Jokes aside, I have no idea what to expect from this album. I haven't been following them for some time now, though "Kowareta Piano to Living Dead" had me pleasantly surprised. MUCC is that band who would let me down a few times but I'll always keep one eye on them, I guess. Also, the release date is just a few days before my birthday! Hoping this can be a birthday present... I'm trying to understand when exactly this happened but cannot compute
  2. oooh i saw that on twitter earlier today! I still haven't listened to all of this older albums and absolutely nothing from the HACHI era. I mean, idk....I'm still a little skeptical when it comes to vocaloid >_> (it's also called "blind prejudice"). Anyway, sounds interesting! LOSER was the first song I listened by him, I just accidently stumbled upon it on youtube and it was nice. Honestly, it just skipped to the next video automatically and I wasn't even in the mood for new music then, but I couldn't stop watching the video lol. that title though... haha yes, this is how you stop bootleg piracy. try googling it now!!
  3. Hakoniwa

    I'm late but I love the fact they played Yume no Machi on encore!! I love it when bands don't take themselves too seriously, I'm glad MUCC can still do this sort of thing. I dream of going on one of those nostalgia lives too, they all sound pretty amazing! Also Oyoge! Tayaki-kun!! <3 It kind of bothers me how we still don't have much info about the tribute album since that's the one I'm more hyped about! I love tribute albums and the artists participating make me even more interested! ...But I wish I knew what each of them they'll be coveringgg. I'm just so curious, it's killing me D: It was about time anyway. They always took part in other tribute albums so it's good when they're the ones being covered for a change!
  4. what to do when your favorite band is coming to your country and you're seeing them live for the first time? how does one survive the remaining few days??? HOW?!

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    2. Hakoniwa


      @togz It's Do As Infinity, they've been my favorite since my teenage days... and honestly it'll be pretty far from here, but all tickets (including plane tickets) are already with me. I'm just panicking, I guess lolol

    3. emmny


      show them your boobies

    4. Hakoniwa


      lmao if only i were meeting them after the concert instead of before......

  5. Hakoniwa

    It's crazy to think they were thinking about disbanding though..... I guess they want to try something new, other bands or solo projects? I'm glad they didn't, but this also means it could happen soon-ish ...or maybe not. idk, it's just weird to think about it.
  6. We should have one of these for memes too, u know "The Meme that Defines Your Time on MH" ...why not
  7. ^ THIS. Before clicking the topic's title I was still unsure of what album could clearly define this, but it became clear once I saw that. I remember how I was crazy about that album when I got here and everyone else seemed crazy about it too lol. It made me happy. But this was not the only one that reminds me of old TW, I remember how hyped I was about girugamesh's MUSIC too and even how the whole forum went crazy when Dir en grey released OUROBOROS, both were around the same time iirc. I especially remember I could hear Satoshi singing "Playstation NOW!" and "FOR OUROBOROS!" in Asking why... lol. I think that was the time I was most active around here.
  8. I'm running a little late with my review of @indigo 's mix , but I'll be sure to post it until tomorrow! I knew it was gonna be a busy week, but it's been worse than I expected... x_x

  9. I'm listening to it now and so far I really like what I hear! : D But that's really sudden, especially when you're late on your mixtape review...oops. haha Still, I gotta listen to this before they take it off soundcloud, and I'm thinking it'll be soon. Idk, I remember some other japanese band did that last year and I remember listening to the album on youtube, but I can't remember who it was........They only left it there for 24 hours, so I'm wondering if this will be the same. If anyone remembers, please let me know? Nevermind, I just remembered: It was Ivy to Fraudulent Game's 1st mini-album.
  10. i really like HIZUMI and all, but I gotta say i love the new vocalist :0 it's also awesome how supportive HIZUMI is being on twitter even though he can't participate himself: https://twitter.com/hiz0302/status/848163999598247936 10 years is a long time indeed!! He sounds impressed...
  11. Hakoniwa

    Which leads me to a previous tweet of mine lmao Jokes apart, I do hope it'll become true this time! I don't consider myself a X fan, but I do respect them as a band and some of the new songs are pretty good! Also it feels like we've been waiting for the longest time...
  12. Coming Soon [is Dead]........what. TK is currently on a project with syrup16g Pierre Nakano is working with NoGoD's Danchou Maybe they mean "coming later" instead. XD
  13. lol why so kawaii

    1. Hakoniwa



      Hey, @Original Sakuyou should try to become more kawaii

      come to the kawaii side

  14. What the heckkk, SNoW is back to music?! I know I'm probably the only one around here who cares but I care a huge deal!! And it sounds awesome too~ ç_ç so happy!

  15. Hakoniwa

    I was surprised when doe mentioned it too lolol I thought I didn't remember most people but it's also because I can't keep up with nickname changes... I couldn't keep up then, can't now. XD I was always Hakoniwa, though people used to call me Hako back then when I was...actually active lol. But I had many avatars and signatures... I don't remember most of them, but my Photobucket is still active and IT remembers some. The ones I remember having used here are: I think this is it... maybe there's more that I didn't upload on PB, but I honestly can't remember >_> I thought I had a Satoshi one but maybe not? lol
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