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  1. ronluna

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd-KxD6lCtU GALNERYUS covering Van Halen's Dreams
  2. ronluna

    GALNERYUS - after I saw the ANGEL OF SALVATION PV of them, I became their fan. CONCERTO MOON - SAVIOR NEVER CRY PV introduced me to this band. somewhat related to GALNERYUS. BABYMETAL - Ijime, Dame, Zettai was the first PV of them that I watched. very weird act especially when you watch their PV Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!.
  3. ronluna

    video of PAUL talking about his new band "Skull and Bones"
  4. ronluna

    Suzaku's signature doesn't move
  5. ronluna

    AltermaliceNero doesn't use soundcloud
  6. i wanna to be a japanese and i like to visit japan, meet some cool people and buy CDs. some of my japanese friends are friendly. the problem is my communication skills, kanji and money since japan has a high cost of living.
  7. ronluna

    Hajime no Ippo Rising episode 4 NARUTO Shippuuden latest episode Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun episode 2
  8. ronluna

    In a fair (they announced what color of the t-shirt that they will arrest and you will give them some money) what is or are your unusual hobbies?
  9. ronluna

    ANTHEM is there a celebrity that you know that resembles your loved one?
  10. ronluna

    my brother. he is very arrogant what is your most favorite TV Show?
  11. ronluna

    CITY HUNTER Koorogi Satomi
  12. ronluna

    Hajime no Ippo Rising episode 2 NARUTO Shippuuden every Thurs
  13. ronluna

    i have only 3 original CDs L'Arc~en~Ciel's AWAKE, c/w and SABER TIGER's PARAGRAPH IV CD+DVD i am proud of the SABER TIGER's PARAGRAPH IV because i am the first one who uploaded the CD it in the internet. it also contains a ticket.
  14. ronluna

    Sakamichi no Apollon - episodes 1 to 12 (romantic and jazz anime) SKET DANCE NARUTO Shippuuden 531 Fate/kaleid_liner_Prisma☆Illya episode 8 to 10
  15. ronluna

    fixing the Haikyo seiyuu sample voices and their profiles on tumblr, playing mafia wars and listening to MEGAMAN X6 Ending Theme
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