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  1. Happy b-day Aion!

  2. Happy b-day Aion! ❤️

  3. Happy b-day Aion! <3

  4. Aion

    Wow, 10 years =O Haven't been here in ages but on this boring saturday night decided to take a look here again xD it feels like only a few years ago i joined TW after a spamrage on I believe Tonberry back in the days xD, and than all those countless of hours I spend here on the TW/MH forums, the chat, the last.fm boards, everywhere. I have so much fond memories here, and met such awesome people on this forum. Also loved the years I was a member of the team on here. And I still remember some events like if they happened last week, some bad to some awesome =) But then again, I came in contact with Japanese music back in 2002 or something, so as that is already 15 years ago, i really don't know what I done the first 5 years... I mentioned Tonberry, I guess Jpopsuki, but it's so long ago by now xD must've been some other boards. But none were like these =).
  5. Aion

    Het Universumpje - Het Tandenloze Leeuwendeel The Dutch version of Queens of the StoneAge, kinda xD
  6. I personally like the Jupiter, Uchuu Conbini and Boris ones, the latter 2 really have a nice dreamy atmosphere while the Jupiter one has a really nice colourscheme/overall feeling
  7. Aion

    Most of the times the singers also don't use microphones... So, when you want to go for authenticity, they also have to use a mic... as indicated before, a PV is just for promotional reasons. All they do is act they are playing the song. The actual song is played in the background and the members are just mimicking. And whitegrey mentions the most obvious reasons, cost-efficiency and to prevent annoying errors/lighting/refelctions/other screw ups For example, take the BYEE THE ROUND's one take no cut PV's (yeah, no VK though) First off, both are really awesome PV's. But you notice some things during these PV's. Cables get hooked behind the guitarheads, at some point you see the bass-player nearly falling over some cables, you even see the filmcrew in some instances... If you want to go for clean cut PV's, like most of those VK PV's tend to be, get rid of all likely obstacles. So stationary camera's, no hanging wires, et cetera. VK is for 90% based on visuals so yeah, if you screw that up, you have barely anything left xD And yes, in above PV's of BYEE THE ROUND, the band is mimicking the songs, the only unique thing they are one take no cut-PV's. But to keep the 'we are playing it for real'-vibe, everything is hooked in, and they are actually playing the songs. But for accoustic reasons, the real audio is cut and replaced by studioversions.
  8. Aion

    Hearthstone, Hearthstone and then some more hearthstone For over 2 years already, and still enjoy doing it everyday =) Can't wait for the new expansion. The Joust mechanic looks cool
  9. Used to do both, but currently only following One Piece anime...
  10. Aion

    Tickets for the upcoming liveshows Ewert and the Two Dragons - September 5th, Zwolle, Hedon The Dubliners - October 2nd, Kampen, Music Club Alt-J - November 19th, Amsterdamn, Ziggo Dome Agent Fresco - December 9th, Zwolle, Hedon And I'm going to Lowlands Festival in 3 weeks, but those tickets were bought back in February already xD
  11. 90's primarily I guess. most vivid memories of songs, though ofcourse the 80's, 00's en 10's also come high, but I was a teenager in the 90's and at that time I mostly discovered the kind of music I like... And ofcourse the 90's is the time of happy hardcore xD
  12. Aion


  13. Aion


    don't think I'd get too active this time around, but still, nice to see ya'll still around here... but still, doesn't this forum needs an update? haven't been here for over 1.5 years, and it still looks the same xD
  14. Aion


    Yeah, thought to check back on you guys. Wonder if you'd still manage without me xD also, WAFFLES !!!!
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