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  1. Happy b-day Prism! <3


    1. saishuu


      this guy hasn't been here in years...

    2. Ada Suilen
    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      I use to wish happy b-day to each one!

  2. Aw dang. RIP bro. Always hoped there'd be more Oto-Oni someday. That sucks.
  3. Prism

    We do not speak of it.
  4. Prism

    Wow, wat. You can't go wrong with FF 4-9. 6, 7 and 9 are the best JRPG's ever made IMO, without question. Recommended as high as I can recommend something. And in fact this makes me want to start 6 again. Might do that.
  5. Prism

    Go play Final Fantasy 6 while you're at it. Do it. Me, I decided to finally get around to finishing LA Noire. Disappointing game overall in the gameplay department but the case stories are fantastic.
  6. If they didn't do Dancing Mad or The Extreme I am disappointed. Dancing Mad and The Extreme > One Winged Angel.
  7. Prism

    It's alright. To be honest, Sheldon is the only reason to bother watching it.
  8. Prism

    Natsuki had an oddly original look before. Really can't tell him apart from any other silver-haired veekay guy now. That's fairly lame. I still haven't gotten around to listening to Rouge yet, but I haven't seen many scathing remarks over it, so I'll assume they're still going alright and I'll look forward to this in the meantime.
  9. I like it. Dollis Marry was a pretty awesome band. They should get back together.
  10. Prism

    But yeah, I buy stuff I really enjoy and tend to buy new stuff from bands I really enjoy without hearing said new material. Part of it is the collector in me too.
  11. Prism

    If it's anything like every other single since DIM...
  12. FGfzt98gQRk aoA7tw9brhA Wonderful!
  13. So a 3-track single? Mildly disappointing. It better be fucking amazing.
  14. Prism

    Hurts are fucking amazing. The live version of Illuminated they recorded a video for floating around on youtube that I'm too lazy to go find is phenomenal.
  15. Prism

    PzspqDXmoYY Probably my favourite piece of space ambience. Album is AMAZING as it is but I wish the guy would make a full album of this stuff.
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