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  1. anieresus

    I like it. Glad they're back after the shitshow.
  2. anieresus

    I actually like it since it also reminds me of Femme Fatale...
  3. So I bumped into Yo from Matenrou Opera at Anime Expo...

    1. ahnchc


      are you serious???? i was there yesterday i'm livid

    2. anieresus


      Yeah he was at the Artist Alley on Saturday casually walking by the annex.

  4. Got my package last night. The dvds were neatly packaged and arrived sooner than I expected! xLiz4 is super friendly too!
  5. anieresus

    I'm interested. Check your messages!
  6. anieresus

    I remember reading a post on here saying that not a lot of people were going to their lives and that they were going to break up soon. It also looked like they were going downhill after No, 666 left. I actually liked them a lot and bought several of their singles.. Their last single is good but Deus Ex Machina is probably my favorite song by them.
  7. This is the spoopyness I was looking for.
  8. anieresus

    Really haven't been paying attention to these guys at all. Should really just call it a break now.
  9. Sucks. He was hilarious in their youtube videos.
  10. Forgot how good Lip Gloss and Black by Atreyu was.

  11. anieresus

    Was expecting new stuff but hey I can't really complain with those two new songs. Hopefully we'll get some previews soon.
  12. anieresus

    I know but one can dream :((
  13. anieresus

    A Malice Mizer special session Hopefully they'll come back like Psycho le Cemu and Metronome (please...)
  14. anieresus

    This is amazing news!! I've always liked Metronome more over their solo projects and other bands they've been in.
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