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  1. Neon

    8/10 Looks awesome
  2. Neon

    Nokia Lumia 520
  3. I'm not like Girugamesh's new look , its so blend

  4. Neon

    Psysalia Psysalis Psyche – Subway Killer
  5. Neon

    Pitzza and lot of booze
  6. Neon

    Porcupine Tree – Waiting
  7. Neon

    Man of steel this one was typical summer fun Despicable Me 1 FUN FUN and FUN , loved all of it
  8. I'm back , I had a time that I'm not cere a bout japanes music but now i'm back

    1. Jigsaw9


      Welcome back, man! :) If you'd like to check out some current visual kei bands maybe, try this thread: http://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/22332-what-are-your-top-10-current-visual-kei-bands/ (some nice bands listed)

  9. Neon

    Rio It was fanny and clever animation feature

  11. Neon

    Queens of the Stone Age – The Vampyre Of Time And Memory I dig this new album a lot , good to hear Dave drumming again
  12. Neon

    new jeans , new summer shirt , big mac meal
  13. Neon

    The Mars Volta – L'Via L'Viaquez
  14. Neon

    Kuuntelen juuri DESIEЯ:a , naislaulajalla on hyvä ääni ja pojat soittavat ihan hyvin mutta jotain putuu Jenlayn taas yrittä matkia diruja ja muuita VK bändejä ja onnistuu siinä
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