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  4. TheBistroButcher666

    I definitely hear Meisai and Crimson Tear in that DILIAL song, especially the chorus that starts around 1:09. When I heard that song from DILIAL when it first came out forever ago I knew it was from something but I just couldn't figure it out LOL
  5. TheBistroButcher666

  6. TheBistroButcher666

  7. TheBistroButcher666

    The PV kinda reminds me of NeiL Disease but just the whole Kyouki being in bandages and singing through a cage. That's about the only similarities and is coincidence than anything else. I'm digging the preview because like what others said, doesn't just immediately scream DIR EN GREY at you.
  8. TheBistroButcher666

    DespairsRay's tour was a cluster fuck because didn't they have Visa issues right before the tour start? Anyway, I was just going to pipe in but it seems like most Japanese artists always play at Showbox in Seattle. So I wouldn't look into too much in regards to who plays where in the US. I think it's just whoever is booking the bands are just familiar with Showbox than other local venues. The exceptions would be Loudness, Church of Misery, Sabbat and Sigh playing at the typical local metal venues but that's probably because they're associated with those metal labels and promoters that regularly book at these venues. I'm only speaking in regards to Seattle but I imagine that could apply to other cities as well.
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    2. Miasma


      First one for sure. [2] The embossed sugar skull design is really cute and a lot more suited for work than the Hot Topic mess on bag #2.

    3. Tetora
    4. TheBistroButcher666


      DONE! Got the first one :)

  10. TheBistroButcher666

    OMG I love it! I agree that the demo releases are pretty repetitive and boring. Once Kijin became vocalist they started to pick up. I really like the previews though! I'm really excited. Ahahaha, it's a trap!!
  11. TheBistroButcher666

    My problem with VK trying to do numetalcorelawl vocals is that it's just a bad imitation of establish genres that have set the standard for that style. I agree that being used to is one way to look at it. When you've been listening to actual death metal bands or black metal bands and harsh vocals is pretty much the trademark of those genres, the poorly imitated VK take on it is going to just not sound good at all. You're used to just hearing the better use of that style. Wow, very descriptive.....
  12. TheBistroButcher666

    Yeah, not very fond of that logo. It reminds me of one of the generic party fonts that comes with Windows. I know you know what I'm referencing!!!
  13. TheBistroButcher666

    Looking forward to it!!! I dig the cover, Kijin has definitely developed a personality for himself. It's like he's the bastard love child of Kyouka and Kyouhei.
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