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  1. I actually liked Starry Sky, it's gives a nice boost compared to all his other releases
  2. Rize

    I really loved the song The vocalist has such a beautiful voice, damn ❤️
  3. Never seen this got updated, but HAKLO has new look and a distr. single release on october 25, 2020 Also the single is pretty good in my opinion
  4. Rize

    Well, I've been called: Rin / 린 / 凛 most of the time (korean and japanese friends) as they don't really use the "L" in their language hehe and for online I recently changed my name to Rize リゼ, the name sounds cool and also because りぜ from i.D.A is my fav guitarist ^^ so it's either Rin or Rize for me these days
  5. So happy to see MEJIBRAY now on spotify! Although not everything is available from my country, it's still cool to see their work finally being up there on the streaming platforms! ٩( 'ω' )و 

    spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6VeP6EHKYyGJrN60TlAPpo?si=_mkIWszWQXOtcQLUfA_H9g

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    2. Rize


      Oh lol it didnt appear to me when I looked it up but now it does! Thanks! ^^

    3. Karma’s Hat

      Karma’s Hat

      Lol how come they are spread out like that

    4. KrumpingChihuahua


      one account from koichi, one from mia ?  
      Could it have to do with the labels they was or wasnt contracted to?
      Or they had a spotify account, staff forgot about it, lost password whatever and made a new one

  6. Rize

    Well, for me there's one song that makes me cheerful again whenever I feel sad and that's this one: Check the lyrics too (see spoiler), it's quite motivating. Anyways, I usually listen to oshare kei whenever I need to genki up my spirit
  7. Rize

    Yeah it has its ups and downs! I did had good relationships, but the last one has hurt me mentally so much (he was a narcist... which I found out later) that I'm still find it hard to take a step forward. Even if someone tells me they like me, I'm like I'm not sure if I can like you too (wondering if they'll accept me as I'm still broken all over the places). Beside, I'm like screening every person to see if they truly are as they're saying (it's probably my insecurity), well a double check is better than being hurt again and again right? And yeah those descriptions with ''fwb'' is so tiredsome, I have looked at tinder once and I deleted like in 5 minutes rofl. It's probably not my thing. But I do like making friends online (most of them I make friends through my instagram as most of them shows same interests as me ) & thank you, it sure makes me feel a little bit better to know that I'm not the only one to be made fun of lol haha I've said once, if I ever meet anyone who has same interests as me, that would be totally so cool I truly don't have friends who like my music still so I can't talk about it at all ;< Hope to find my buddies one day to irl
  8. Rize

    Totally forgot about this thread lol I never tried dating apps, I heard there are creeps on it lol. andd... I'm scared af. Also, been forever single since 2017, 'cause yeah traumatic experience and since then I'm not actually looking for it either. People are always shocked or surprised that I like VK/J-Rock music, because ''it doesn't fit in my character''/ as the way I look and I don't care much about it though. Hmm... neither my ex liked that I listened to those heavy shit either rofl. I'm happy that I can at least share my interests with my online friends (and on MH too)
  9. Rize

    I'll write down what comes into my mind. Full albums/Mini-Albums • MEJIBRAY - Slivers.exe • NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST - ivy • Signal - CHAIN • DIV - Secret • LOST ASH - LOST ASH • BIOSPHIA - BIOSPHIA -Best selection- • ALSDEAD - Separator • Ayabie - 彩冷える-ayabie- • Lustknot. - Deeds, not words • Shounenki 少年記 - Timeless • Called≠Plan - BLAST BEAT BEST • v[neu] - Restless • girugamesh - MONSTER • Versailles - Holy Grail • Royz - Tears • DIAURA - Genesis • Kameleo (カメレオ) - Now! (なう!) • BORN - Vigour • NEGA - NEGAVITISM • HAKLO - This is HAKLO#2 • MEME - 虚空を満たすエーテル • ViViD - THE PENDULUM • ARLEQUIN アルルカン - ニア・イコール Guess mainly these are all old-releases haha I still listen to these albums even now
  10. That's pretty cool! I like the alterego concept, it feels fresh in the ears :3 More bands should do this tbh
  11. Rize

    Welcome on the forum
  12. Rize

    I have at the moment 94 CD's; mostly VK and few anime/otome songs/K-Pop albums. My 95th CD is on it's way so that's probably all I've been collecting them probably around 8 years ago ^^ I also own a few cheki's, photo sets, few (signed) posters and a lightstick
  13. I'm quite satisfied. Now I wonder how the order of the songs turns out
  14. Rize

    I used to watch it there too, I'm using https://4anime.to atm. And it works alright too. I heard Animebytes (torrent tracker) works great but you have to be invited (also if someone has an account there invite me too lol)
  15. Rize

    @The ReverendI feel ya! I bought all the old stuff that I couldn't get because I still was underage lol. Genesis and all the releases before that are still great til this day!
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