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  1. Did xepher's vocal, ran, release anything right after xepher's disbandment?
  2. Mei

    Time for SCREW to reunite... why the hell did they disband at climax?
  3. Mei

    ^ 2014 being a bad year to kyo? According to whom? I remember when uroboros and dss came out many fans were ranting because they didn't stick to the v kei sound and started sounding chaotic (I agree those realeases are not so easy to listen as practically everything a vkei band releases). Arche was a comeback to the former sound , like, kyo started wearing those sick-ass clothings and make-up again. And I don't get how some ppl criticize songs like chain repulsion which is the clearest example of it. However, if I get real, problem is Shinya. His drumming on both uro and dss started sounding different, not necessarily in a bad way, in fact, he helps a lot with the atmospheric sound of both albums. Arche is just fine, and kyo cleansed and enhanced his vocals, he made some biblical fry whistle singing on the 7th octave, being a man and doing that is notorious.. But tiw is messy just because, and I shouldn't say this so openly but anyway take it as an opinion, neither die not kaoru are "good"/outstanding guitarists, honestly. I'm pretty sure if Shinya calmed the fk down a bit more this album would have been more enjoyable. Nonetheless I love the last 4 tracks, in which Shinya seemed to have rogered what was better for the albums sake. Ha!
  4. Mei

    Haven't u people come to realize why the album was named that way? Despite zetsuentai?
  5. im not sure whether this is the place for this but... does anyone know if he's still making music? if so, where's him now? thanks so much for reading!! ;3
  6. Mei

    just wanted to say this: 1. all these eurpe tour vids are really lame, okay.BUT, if u were an artist from an "unknown" country, especially for us the "west", would u really do this with no other objective besides money? cos, how much do u think he've earned with all that crap?. i've been listening to his stuff with emphasis from epocalipse onwards, and i find it really enjoyable, it doesnt remind me to res tbh, but im pretty sure he did it with a res vibe in the back of his mind at least. not to mention that it's a complete 180° turn on what the initial idea or concept of his solo career was. to me, epoca sounds more like a band rather than just a solo career (a solo career that, let me say, was utterly boring and had nothing left yet to be commercially exploded) anyway, did any of u listened to the full reboot album somewhere? 2. whats the point on criticising an artist on "his way down"? at least show respects to him if u once liked him, reminds me of hatred towards amy winehouse all this thread. and let me point an artist stereotypical life out but, which artis had no conflictive private life! what's more, he counts with the disgrace that the majority of his listeners dont even speak proper japanese... go read lyrics like karasu iro no taiji or aqua.... of course he's got problems like everyone else does, but thank he's got the senitivity at least to make art with it. can u? and besides the lyrics... wich might be fictional, do u know ANYTHING about his private life? or even the reason with other res members fights? an artist is just an artis, all he/she's gotta do is art, and u cant say he's not even trying, at least he had a directional change ... which is more acceptable than all those perpetually overrated artist like the rolling stones and the beatles and shit. u might like it or not. u should thank he keeps on doing art for those who sticked together with him. okayyy, sorry for messy writing, just got my morphine and im drooling and half sleepy... xoxo
  7. @seikun was it even alive?

  8. Mei

    what's yoshiatsu's age btw?
  9. Mei

    GEEEEZ. tbh, i was enjoying his latest material. been in rehab for 7 months and former to that i've been focusing on my couple and since that never bought an album or even download any v kei stuff. i had a totally different picture on what he was like. the epocalipse era releases r now my cup of tea almost, he's growling back again though still using some deep vocals. the last 2 digi-singles were odd but okay. reboot samples sound even odder. but these kind of things dims the light the artist may have. he can be amazing, honestly, but his lack of direction and overuse of experimental rythms makes me think he must suffer from schyzofrenia. anyway, im willing to listen to the full reboot thing
  10. Mei

    How come they didn't play any konsui/kakusei song but namu amida buddha?! all those songs were pretty much heard already; perhaps that's why this is their last breath... anyway I've just asked my friend to pre-order a copy for me. as soon as i get it, i'll share it of course if no one does it b4 me.
  11. Mei

    many bands have/had unreleased live songs. ViViD's Ril and Lolita23q's brilliant days come to mind right now... oh, and heisei ishin's kenka
  12. Mei

    i feel terribly sorry for the girl in the mv I wont let my heart host any hype anymore for no new band that dont show their faces
  13. Is this the former a:Vout's sou poltergeist? if so, does anyone have their post monochrome subliminal releases? *edit: oh, nvm, I just figured out they had a name change and members flee. my bad..
  14. Mei

    akuta looks funny. It's weird cos he had some badass looks in the past...
  15. Mei

    "Sometimes, to create you need to destroy", my japanese teacher would say...
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