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  1. Listen to Miley Cyrus new album. Its amazing.

  2. ricchubunny

    have enjoyed the full albums but this is kinda...erm...
  3. Please also keep in mind that LiME composes ALL SONGS and all LYRICS. He have said tons of times that he feels super pressed for composing, and making a single is already a big pain for him, so he doesn't want to have the pressure to write a full album since it will be such a big struggle for him. Well, maybe he can throw all his compositions during the pandemic to a full album, who knows, but I don't care if they don't, as long they release some good music. The latest releases are good but didn't hit me as the first ones.
  4. That's what i call Fake News Panic. They never said hiatus bitches they just want to know if they keep paused while pandemic is not over or they will restart lives activities. Why so much drama
  5. Just tarted a gulu gulu information page in english. I'm gonna translate their news, tweets, lyrics and stuff in there so follow it if you're interested :)http://twitter.com/gulu__world

  6. This really, really sucks. They were so good.
  7. ricchubunny

    Wow I guess they are desesperados
  8. https://twitter.com/gulu__i/status/1304098370005344258

    I'm so happy that Ai enjoys my weird humor sense 🥰

  9. Yes, because the guy tried to make GazettE sound band. He said "The song is original but people can interpret how they want".... ORIGINAL? LMFAO Also the document says to don't mention about it on Twitter etc and he uploaded the whole shit
  10. Okay so PSCompany is going to sue them HAHAHA
  11. Literally looks like a russian weeaboo cosplaying the GazettE, thats kinda funny
  12. ricchubunny

    The clip reminds me of Dandelion from DaizyStripper hahahah but I love this song. It will be displayed again tomorrow at the same time, i guess.
  13. ricchubunny

    So we got another ballad MV... I'm fine with that. The new look is stunning, Ruk...Oops, Ryo, looks super good!
  14. The correct reading is Kimi wo Omou
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