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  1. Finished reading Gantz and it has a ridiculous amount of missed potential

    1. Jun_


      The last chapter is complete garbage xD

    2. Manabu


      @Jun_ Agreed, the entire giant arc was really underwhelming and so lazy

  2. Recommend me some active VK/Jrock groups please, preferably melodic stuff!

    1. Paraph


      umbrella, nurié

    2. Paraph


      adding 逆しまな歯車を仮面が嗤う。

  3. Nostradamnz Kouhei retweeted my remix of their single!

  4. Not Visual Kei but FACT had quite a good following, once separated they formed two groups 'Shadows' and 'Joy Opposites' Both had a bit of steam at the beginning but it quickly faded away and neither group sounded immensely different to FACT
  5. Dir en grey X Aphex Twin please Hide had a reggae song on his 'tune-up' release so we're not a million miles away!
  6. Manabu

    English statement from the group, sounds like Shinya was burnt out from all the touring.
  7. Manabu

    Good idea! As well as this I think there are people that probably have the files or have downloaded them but haven't re-uploaded them because they don't know the link is dead.
  8. Manabu

    This is surprising, he's one of the founding members but I imagine after 18 years he's probably tired of the scene. I do wonder how the band will progress because whilst they've had a lot of departures this leaves them with only two full time members in Yudai and Ryo.
  9. I started around the middle of April and do it every day, I've always been quite unfit so a lot of it was building endurance and getting a better diet, trying to do it every day was a major hassle in the beginning but now it's ingrained as part of my morning routine. The first few weeks were really tough and I'd have to take breaks in the middle of jogging, I still take breaks in between push ups and sit ups because my body just can't handle that many in a short time but jogging is fairly easy now
  10. Somewhat on the one punch man/saitama routine, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and a 3 mile jog (no hair loss yet) Honestly with how much Visual Kei there is to listen to walking/jogging is one of the best ways to digest it.
  11. Manabu

    I can't remember which sets they're in but when I played I used a shiranui deck, focuses on the graveyard and extra summoning a lot with a lot of extra effects, very good for overwhelming opponents. Because it's the steam sale I've been buying a lot of Sonic games (really loving all stars racing) as well as Jet Set Radio
  12. Happy Birthday :D May you get lots of presents!

    1. Jigsaw9


      Yay, thank you Manabu! 8) 

  13. Manabu

    I'd argue that it is quite important because in my opinion there are two vocal techniques that are staples of most forms of Visual kei, those being Falsetto and Vibrato but obviously not every group employ these and during the years when Oshare Kei and the western inspired metal stylings were popular these techniques weren't nearly as popular. I wouldn't call it subpar but visual kei has a far smaller talent pool and with it having such a high disbandment rate it can hard for vocalists to stay in music consistently and improve their vocals. As for some good vocalists, I really rate Chizuru from the group 'Pentagon' (not the k-pop group) Debatable but that's one of his best performances in my opinion, good use of techniques Annoyingly I can't find the song I wanted to show you but Akuta from Chanty has the blessings of having a unique voice and good technique You might have to delve quite deep to find some great vocalists (I'd recommend listening to more of Chanty and Pentagon than just the songs I've posted)
  14. I'm getting bored of VK
    Kizu: We got you homie

  15. Manabu

    There are a lot of blogs floating around that still have download links, quite a few died but there are some that still have links, drop me a message if you need any of them
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