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  1. Xhide1

    it's available on Spotify
  2. Xhide1

    Yeah i think it's the same location from CADAVER's MV🤔 the moon effect is very cool btw Fuki will release a new solo blu-ray:
  3. Xhide1

    Amazing song and MV!! I love the new visual
  4. Xhide1

    Probably it's a homage for Angra, wich Shiren is a big fan too. Their song Carry On uses the same part from Schubert's symphony No. 8 (Unfinished) I believe that's why the name of the album... and Ankimo's song is called "Carry on singing to the sky" 😅
  5. Xhide1

    I wonder if they couldn't finish the album 😅 considering there are few songs this time it might be the case...
  6. New original album will be released 2020.7.29 01. Unfinished 02. Unending Sorceress 03. Near The End 04. 籠の鳥 05. Salome 06. Make your choice 07. Top of the "M" 08. Dogura Magura 09. Carry on singing to the sky 3,080円 https://diskunion.net/metal/ct/detail/HMHR200615-200 New visual:
  7. More info about the new album coming next monday
  8. Xhide1

    he has been much more involved with Ankimo these days ,maybe he felt out of place in GALNERYUS...
  9. GALNERYUS announced that Fumiya has departed at 2020/06/02 and LEA will join as new drummer twitter:@LEABLAST
  10. Fumiya playthrough: can't wait for the new album
  11. Xhide1

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