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  1. Can anyone help with コドモドラゴン「KARISUMA」please ? 🙏

    1. suji


      step 1: make a thread

  2. Bunny

    wow , many re-record version of their great songs !! I like GLOSTER IMAGE , Hameln, please don't F them up with the new recording !
  3. Has anyone got hold with the digital song ? I do not have itunes account
  4. 01. Rock Band Is Not Dead (* 1st New song) 02. KILLER×KILLER×KILLER 03. SHISHIMAI 04. Cameraman 05. 人間へと帰りたい (* 2nd New song) 06. THE DEAD MAN’S WALKING 07. MOSHPIT☆LIFE 08. V.S 09. TIME MACHINE 10. 絆・創・幸 (* a previously Live Dist ???) I assume they will re-record the rest of the songs !?
  5. ❤️ They are insanely good !! Total needed this sort of energetic vibe t keep myself going in 2020.
  6. ラク×ガキ RAKUGAKI is really punk in the new single MONSTER❤️ sounds amazing !!

  7. #Origin of the world What exact is this ? I leave it to your imagination ...
  8. コドモドラゴン is one of my favourite band at the moment. Especially watching their youtube Channel , and know them better aside of the band-man-personality !!
  9. Does anybody know the game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT ?
    葉月(lynch.) was playing with MUCC 逹瑯, NIGHTMARE 柩,NoGoD 団長 and DEZERT SORA ❤️

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      i used to play it quite a bit, its pretty fun 

  10. I like the first 2 songs 1 ビー玉 2 オレンジの空 some early 2000s VK vibe , and obviously the typical xaa-xaa banger track 6 あなたはきっと浮気してる also sounds good ! The rest are meh ....
  11. Bunny

    So , there are only 4 songs ... and 2 new songs only .. I kinda wish they will release a mini album with at least 6 , 7 songs .
  12. Bunny

    Too difficult to narrow down to 10 bands ... but the following bands are in my recent non-stop play list : 己龍 ゼラ DIAURA gulu gulu RAZOR アルルカン キズ AvelCain SCAPEGOAT えんそく
  13. I can't ...JESTIVAL「GALAPAGOS」' cover art is literally a copycat version of DIR EN GREY「UROBOROS」

  14. Nightmare-effects , nothing remarkable about these solo artists' music from a band not even picking themselves up for the past few years .... Sadly , Famous and major bands often became boring... so is these solo artists' project ... 🤑
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