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  1. Does anybody know the game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT ?
    葉月(lynch.) was playing with MUCC 逹瑯, NIGHTMARE 柩,NoGoD 団長 and DEZERT SORA ❤️

    1. sleepy coffee

      sleepy coffee

      i used to play it quite a bit, its pretty fun 

  2. I can't ...JESTIVAL「GALAPAGOS」' cover art is literally a copycat version of DIR EN GREY「UROBOROS」

  3. LOL , Astaroth mini album「Genesis of “Astaroth”‐第一章‐」is just a copy-cat version of David'sui project ?

  4. I am in LOVE with ゼラ ❤️

  5. アマミツゝキ❤️眞田一航's voice remains as good , mini album is like 2.0 ver. of the late-東京ミカエル。

  6. Lady GaGa【Chromatica】♡

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      yes ❤️ stan plastic doll 

    2. nekkichi


      elton john song is v. cute


    3. Bunny


      It's not a bad album , songs are a bit short though.

  7. Waiting for ゼラ new mini album is torturing me 🎚️

  8. ZON's ポジとネガ is soooo Good , reminds me of Jackman era !!!!!

  9. 真緒Birthday Live line-up is SICK !!
    w/ members
    Gu: MiA(ex? MEJIBRAY)
    Gu: 美月(Sadie,The THIRTEEN)
    Ba: AKI(Sadie,AXESSORY)
    Dr: 由太郎(ex? MEJIBRAY)

  10. Anyone got カミカゼ少年團 SUPER BEST CD !? please share with me 😥

  11. NIGHTMARE new photo shoot on Stuppy magazine ... How cute is 柩 !? ❤️

    1. lichtlune


      They look as great as ever :) 

    2. Wakarimashita


      Hitsugi always killing it \m/,

  12. 摩天楼オペラ『Chronos』is amazing !!

  13. My head fell off over ~RAKUGAKI~ 明日ミサイルが来ようとも戦争が起こってもここで歌いたい。☠️🤘

  14. Surprise with ゆくえしれずつれづれ's Odd eye , super hyper girls  LOL ... ↓ video below


  15. MERALOA , such a piece of VK gold !!

  16. DaizyStripper【INFINITY】reminds me of Clavier~クラビア~ ❤️

  17. ゼラ「エリカ」Orgasmic ❤️

  18. Pawn 水玉 ❤️
    Old era VK were as good as now !

  19. Listening to EAT YOU ALIVE's music , re-realized they have made so many good / catchy VK songs !! 

  20. Rumbless. reminds me of DEVIZE × TRA TRA TRA × BLESSCODE × DADAROMA

    1. chemicalpictures


      now thats a bold statement!


      I'll have to check those guys out

  21. ちょこっとマミー
    Vo.ダイナ (ex.PuppetMammy)
    Gt.リゼ (i.D.A)
    Ba.梓姫 (ex A'LETZA)
    Dr.イヴ (ex.PuppetMammy)

  22. 極東ロマンス is a mixture of VIDOLL , ユナイト , ヘルタースケルター , ベル , 叙情四重奏「カノン」 ❤️

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Never heard nothing from them ;-;

  23. I am confused about グラビティ↗↗楽しさ♪FULLVOLTAAAGE!!! , is it just a gimmick or have they officially changed to this bloody long name !?

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    2. suji
    3. Bunny


      Thanks to both , LoL was really confused with their official website and youtube channel ..

    4. chemicalpictures


      I was asking this question myself a few months ago and JRD said they are still called gravity, and this fullvoltage wankery is just a moniker


      he knows a ton about these bands so he's probably right

  24. DEZERT 🖤 black hole

  25. BABY I LOVE YOU's シルエット ❤️their best song ever IMO.

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