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  1. buster

    i bought my 1st smartphone last year and i'm not regretting it one bit! i don't think it's a luxury gadget anymore, since it's functions r matched with some1's daily life. i mainly use apps like google maps, dictionaries, IMs, news, notes, calender, alarms etc. of course i do play sometimes on my phone, but i don't use it for those "optional" purposes. oh yeah, and shazam rulz xD since i'm already used to this kind of living standard, it would be unimaginable for me to go on w/o a smartphone. of course i could get used to a way of living with only stick and stones, but only if there's nothing left in this world except for these 2 things to survive
  2. buster

    tru dat! just going thru the new persefone album and already found my song of the day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_iXSWWA2IA
  3. buster

    haha, whut a gloomy pic - being badass must be a hard full time job
  4. buster

    now this is what i call a detailed answer O.O thx mate for clarifying! too bad mako and the rest aren't doing any music anymore :/
  5. buster

    hmmm, i did buy a lot of cds when i was in london. too bad, they had a rly nice collections of international musics but with the age of cyberspace, there r a lot of other ways to get my hands on cds. sux if there r layoffs, but as a consumer the impact won't reach me ^^
  6. buster

    oh wow, now this a surprise O.o well but u can clearly hear the karyu's influence in "synapse"
  7. buster

    aaahh, thx for the clarification ^^ i knew there were some connections
  8. so they only released "dear future" so far, right? any news? it's been 2 years since this announcement ^^
  9. how is the band "bp (ex cotd)" called?
  10. buster

    the last 2 were boo, atb, monuments, the haarp machine and before that i saw josy
  11. buster

    da hell? is some1 else from deadman in the band dimmdivision? i'm confused ^^ thx for the infos!
  12. buster

    is 2nd awake still active?
  13. buster

    does any1 know what the rest (besides aie) is up to? i remember there was a band called "gift", which was the solo project of their drummer right? what about the others?
  14. buster

    so i missed quite a lot in the past few years: hizumi is doing his merch stuff and is producing redrum's upcoming release; 2 r in the band "micro head 4n" or something like that; which leaves 1 member left - what's he up to?
  15. buster

    i have to say i'm pretty much disappointed in this band :/
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