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  1. nekkichi

    more like 『バロック』ト『ガゼット』but they sound decent at whatever they attempt so far.
  2. nekkichi

    @enyx https://mobile.twitter.com/sukekiyo8888 - it's him and I need him to collab with x_emiry_x now to make up for the underwhelmennes of that song. collab album 2021 queen cømmê θruuuu!!!!
  3. nekkichi

    treat urself. i expected x_emiry_x excellence and i'm disappointed
  4. nekkichi

    I see a new fad coming out of it, but SID out of all bands pulling this shit w/o bothering with some PV expenses is just embarrassing expecting up to 3 CD sales per track on this is gross and exploitative, with their music more and more often coming out underwhelming a.f. too
  5. nekkichi

    >when ur chinpira-themed PVs manifest as your biggest national TV promotion in like 20 years I legit hissed at 2.11, good sisT pointing finger is clearly a diehard stan
  6. nekkichi

    idk I hate most of vk retakes, they consistently bring nothing worth of quality, but this might the only exception to the rule where I'm 100 % on board with the upgrade: —> lmao the highlight of this thread so far fr
  7. nekkichi

    which sadie member was that?
  8. he def sounds like that #thrussydiseasewasahoax. I still have flashbacks of their horrifying debut singles, two decent songs do not make a big difference tbh. what a waste of talent.
  9. disrespect has one of the weirdest choruses I've heard in vk in like past ten years I didn't care for their past releases but that would be one song on repeat for a while for me tbh
  10. nekkichi

    you're comparing it to VK with shitty spicy curry snacks, custom retail curry/live gig cocktails and rice bags offered with CD releases.... not to mention the diffuser aromas and candles already look the parT for vk newcummerz! ugly beaniz are the real tragedy out of this lineup tbh
  11. nekkichi

    that's what I'm talking about, testing mitsu waters!!!
  12. nekkichi

    it is lol they look glowing
  13. nekkichi

    >when it preloads in 360p
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    2. nekkichi


      oh lol come on we already have the superior unproblematic legends-in-making ルヴィーユ!


      stream 『in tears…』/『insane


    3. CAT5


      I can kinda hear the simularities, but



    4. herpes


      satsuki on his way to meet his newest mitsu in crimea

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