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    2. nekkichi


      oh lol come on we already have the superior unproblematic legends-in-making ルヴィーユ!


      stream 『in tears…』/『insane


    3. CAT5


      I can kinda hear the simularities, but



    4. herpes


      satsuki on his way to meet his newest mitsu in crimea

  1. shimizuya bandomen ten minutes ahead of their last live (rare backstage footage!!!!)



  2. >when new-year themed shit hits the stores come october



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    2. Enki


      Nothing is more depressing than christmas music when its not christmas

    3. Arkady


      This year I already bought the first christmas gift, I usually buy them all 3-4 days before christmas in full panic mode!
      (It's only because I got a 15€ coupon, so I got one less gift to think about in december and them a 15€ "prettyer" sweater than the one they would have received, so it's a win-win)

    4. nekkichi


      full panic is kinda exciting tho

  3. that horrible inoran album sampler jfc I have.... no words




  4. been thinking of this tweet quite a lot tbh:



  5. 『a concept』: initial’L alicenining themselves as Lycaon/リカオン ⓵


    admitting normcore was a phase ⓶


    issuing apologies ⓷



    ~Submit Status~




    1. IGM_Oficial


      Come back to Shimizuya, pls 🙏🏻

    2. nekkichi


      same @ karma

  6. LMAO @ nega debuting the guitar noodling that Ratsu built his entire style around back in 2011 I'm crying 




    damlam really can't flop away soon enough, a good debut album + couple alright leading singles is already past an average vk bands disband point already.

    1. Jigsaw9


      Crazy how......decent PERESTROIKA sounded. :D 


      Back in the day I couldn't appreciate them enough, I was all "hurrdurr where is my dark Nega?!" lol.

    2. nekkichi


      idk I'm honestly really glad Jin evolved out of anything ucp-affiliated, but the guitar part was very funny in retrospect

  7. found a band from hong kong I legit enjoy and this surprised me:





    anyone got similar reccs? other canto music I heard in the past was horrific

  8. VK locations I want to see as PV backdrops in 2020:


        - rosariums
        - english high tea rooms
        - high end psychic reading salons (sub. with CGI astral plane)
        - tokyo sewers (DIV rip-offs only)
        - planetariums
        - bamboo forests
        - oak forests
        - wig markets
        - coronavirus hospital wing


    VK locations I don’t want to see:


        - white rooms
        - defunct garbage recycling facilities
        - CG backgrounds that look like cancelled playstation 4 download-only titles
        - normie night clubs
        - that pool


    share your own dream concepTs girlies!!!!

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    2. Enki


      Anything but the host clubs or bars

    3. Axius



      -that pool

      Im dead 😂😂😂


      Locations i want to see:

      - bamboo forests (agree)
      - oak forests (agree)

      - Dark hallways 

      - Haunted house

      - Green screen fantasy land (Similar to the Xodiack pv)

      - 1920's scenery

      - underwater

      - red moon lit backgrounds

      - wastelands (Similar to The gazette dogma video)  

      - abandoned city 

      - ancient historical locations or ruins (Mostly ruins)


    4. ki11edb1th3qu33n


      @nekkichi i agree you should produce and help make vision for videos and get publics ideas done and heard

  9. my sociopath left hemisphere: ohmigod I'm so glad they're all safe





    my creative right hemisphere: 

    remember that beach utafumi commercial? they totally like have same energy O M G





  10. >that ranunculus chorus be hittin'



  11. overal 落ちた事のある空 impression:







    stan due le quartz x

    1. Zeus


      clever sleazoid: stinker or hidden gem? it's like the 3rd time they've attacked this song and i don't know if i prefer the new version or not

    2. nekkichi


      I find the original single outright dewiggening because the direction change in both looks and sound had so much impact, video was powerful and it had so much life behind it, even if lyrics were outright guttural vomit and made zero sense.


      there's nothing I like about the retake(-s), and the TIW demo sound production on this doesn't help anything. it's dire.


      (stream  シュガーレス・シャンハイ)

  12. /r/megaten is the only internet thing that keeps me human in 2020



  13. ayu unretired???? jpop is discancelled???????????????????

    1. BrenGun





    2. nekkichi


      she just released a new single after announcing she went deaf a few yrs ago

  14. moment of silence for PV budgets vk used to have ca. mid 2000s 



    (I don't even like this particular era of l'arc I just stan the CG and the whole acting crew)

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    2. Tokage


      fucked up to think that kizu and dir probably have the highest pv budgets in modern day vk honestly......

    3. nekkichi


      you're right...


      at the same time I feel like relative nobody/start-up bands (i.e. rands or articlear) have amped up their visuals a lot since 2005, while the so called top tier major bands really deflated on promotion, I wonder why

    4. Tokage


      I'm @ the point where I'm p much impressed whenever bands can somehow manage to avoid  just going straight for the dreaded ''band performing to nobody in a modded garage'' PV format these days even if it just means having to see the same recycled 'kids KILL their bitch mom for turning off the xbox' plot in twenty different iterations 

  15. so glad I took a roughly year long playlist hiatus from Deg, I can finally enjoy their old stuff again orz


    wAk̛E͝ úP͘ ͞yo͏ ḓ̗̟͕͔ͥ͐́̉ͦE̲̼͍̹̲͛̆ͣ̈̇͘Ḛ̢̨͍ͩͫ̆͊̀̾͞E̡͓̗͓͕̗ͮ̽̌Ḙ̵̖̣́͌̊ͭ̌ͬ̍͡Ȅ͇̝̳̖͎̰͕̥̭̉ͬ̕E̛͍͖ͬͫẠ̵̙͈͗͋̇ͯ͞͠A̫̹̲̝͑̿̈ͧ͑ͣͤ̎̚A̢̮͓͎̳̜̾̓͊ͩ̕̕A̸̴͉̣̣͑̐̊̔̌ͫ͑̚A̧̦̫͇͚̳͎̝͕͕̔ͥ̾̋͑͊ͦ͜͜A̴̞̒͊͛̂͞Åͪͣ̈́̑̉ͩͨ͏̕҉̯̦̣̗A̢͚͚̣̱̱̳͋̉̊̈͛̋͠ͅͅD͔͍̞̤̰͖̉ͪD̻̬̼̽ͧ͋ͭ̓ͯͭ͒͠͡D̵̪̈̄͐̔ͮ̄̊̀͘D̨͖̟̫̭̙̩̲̓̾̈́̀͝D̆͊̈͏̠͇͍̻D̬̣̣̹͍͓̭ͪ̑̈́ͩ̓͟͢D̷̷͓̙ͧ̑͊ͅḌ͈̘͓͙͚̙͎̩̍̊̊͂

  16. every time I see a Karen joke thrown at the harry potter chanteuse JKR I read it as a tongue in cheek Karen White crossreference, and it amps its funniness subliminally wbu

  17. I'll never forgive myself for not sending libowner(-d) papi this meme because 『the social contract』 or whatever lmao



  18. *looks at the deg news*


    where the fuck are the new gazette

  19. need this:



  20. we rly should mob miyavi's utube comments with iterations of "stream re:plica" shitposting 



    1. reminiscing2004


      this is my new ideology


    points were made

  22. VK fad I wanna see OUT:


    90s europop beats


    VK fad I demand to step IN:



    1. Jigsaw9


      NO eurobeat will NEVER DIE!!!

    2. nekkichi


      can't wait for gzt to pioneer their own take on


      (how do I  sadreact to my own comment?)

  23. does anyone else only listen to nightmare in the summer months?


    this will be my 2nd year blasting them p much non-stop through june - september and I will completely drop them until next summer after that

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      wtf this is so randomly specific

    3. reminiscing2004


      interesting af because the first time I revisited nightmare after like 5 years of dormancy was in July 2015 🤔

    4. nekkichi



      right now it's best of [~ćløwns~] CD on repeat, otherwise I don't have a top 10. their VAP albums are the best overall.



      see 👀


      I think one of the reasons I actually crave them so much rn is the immediate "summer is cancelled 👏 👏" vibe they tend to build up really quickly that just doesn't work during other seasons but I'm glad I'm not the one sharing the sentiment omg

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