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  1. Hey stylelover hate to ask but do you have anything by L~Lotus~ mini-album -Scene-. I lost my hard drive quite some time ago and I've been trying to regain my collection.

  2. stylelover

    really looking forward to this. cant wait for tracklist
  3. stylelover

  4. stylelover

    New Girl is pretty mcuh the only comedy/20 minute show i watch
  5. stylelover

    Yea i enjoyed Watch Dogs too. It was fun, and im looking forward to Watch Dogs 2. Im sure it will be even better. Currently not really playing anything, because im going to play way too much when Division is released, so for now i just enjoy some Pokemon Hacks XD
  6. Thats basically me. They were my favourite band since they formed, but in the past months/1-2years i see myself struggling really hard to keep the same opinion about them-
  7. yes and no, the second batch is actually pretty good quality compared to the first three, but i agree, its very likely that they will release all these demo songs on a future release.
  8. that new chariots song ♥ great to hear riku again.

    1. Dark Kinma

      Dark Kinma

      do you know where it's possible to listen it ?

    2. stylelover


      im sure it will be uploaded soon

  9. hmm not sure if im going to grab this one. pls stop.
  10. stylelover

    THe Division: Beta
  11. stylelover

    agreed. was really surprised by the 3 new ones, especially 剥離 and 糸 are so good. and yea hopefully there will be a release with the final masters.
  12. stylelover

    DOAK - 糸 DEMO ver.
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