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  1. EzraEroguro

    Oooh, Vanitas pretty much from front to back. Rad.
  2. EzraEroguro

    S'a bop, 'nuff said.
  3. EzraEroguro

    Well goddamn.
  4. EzraEroguro

    Kenzo is back?
  5. I feel like this fandom whines, complains, gets what they want, and cry some more. I'm on Ro's side on this one.
  6. EzraEroguro

    What a slapper. Fuckin' love these dudes; this album is gonna be wild.
  7. EzraEroguro

    Holy hell, color me impressed!
  8. EzraEroguro

    Oh god, me too.
  9. EzraEroguro

    I mean, I don't think they're going to change their sound just over night.
  10. EzraEroguro

    I feel like it's the best time to get in to this band, holy shit.
  11. EzraEroguro

    They did my boy dirty, on this one.
  12. His voice breaking sucks. He's one of my favorites, still.
  13. EzraEroguro

    Fucking Legends.
  14. I'm hoping for some old school footage from The Manipulated Life '04.
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