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  1. What was the point of them splitting up? It really sounds like Fact minus Adam.
  2. Evilas

    It actually doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would.
  3. Evilas

    I checked out those previews even though I don't listen to Merry and they sound a bit like something Mucc would release. I'm kinda curious right now for this album.
  4. Evilas

    I gave them a try since I grew out of the "band's too popular? not gonna listem to them anymore" thinking, and I'm pleasantly surprised by this. I feel like I haven't enjoyed an album that much since Deg's Moo. I was a bit worried about the clean vocals but they are not as irritating as I thought they would be. I think it is very nice "comeback" album, that is really worth giving a try.
  5. Evilas

    Crap, I think I used that bandwagon a bit too generally. Anyway, I just wonder how they would sound if they threw a bit of djent here and there like Crystal Lake did on their recent mini.
  6. Evilas

    Am I the only one who would be quite amused if they went with that recent djent bandwagon and made some song in that kind of style ? I mean it would be probably terrible but who knows. D:
  7. Evilas

    They probably be up like a month(maybe less) before the release. It's still too soon for samples, although there's still hope for maybe a another "single" like they did with Amon.
  8. Evilas

    Oh my, oh my, 16 tracks. Wonder if they made any 9+ min song(s).
  9. Evilas

    https://soundcloud.com/monoofjapan/recoil-ignite-excerpt Another song. I haven't been so hyped for Mono ever.
  10. This is pretty much their worst song so far. It doesn't really sound like Crossfaith at all. :<
  11. Evilas

    You can listen to one of the new songs here: http://www.wonderingsound.com/news/song-premiere-mono-begin/
  12. Evilas

    HOLY! Best news 2014.
  13. Evilas

    Nice, I've never really liked them but since their last single i find them pretty enjoyable. Can't wait!
  14. Evilas

    Well, the stay in 'murica did nothing good to them.
  15. Evilas

    Those silly song titles D: Still can't wait, they always make great catchy music.
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