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  1. emmurée has announced the release of a new maxi-single for March 2021 and the sixth album for June 2021.
  2. NUL. DIGITAL SINGLE 『nomad』 2020/10/28 digital release!!
  3. Yukami

  4. Yukami

    The single was released on September 1.
  5. New digital single: バズーカをぶっ放せ Release: 2020/10/16.
  6. Release commemorative 「夜奏狂詩劇」 2020/10/31 in shinsaibashi SHOVEL.
  7. Heretique Aventure 3rd single "Birth of Chronicle" will be released at 2020/10/14. TrackList: 1.Code-Rizero 2.感染都市 3.Last Blood
  8. Yukami

    Gt.竜哉(Tatsuya) and Dr.ハク(Haku) left the band in August.
  9. Gt.薫(Kaoru) has also left the band.
  10. Yukami

  11. Next Live: 2020/11/15 in Shinjuku club SCIENCE. "RegÐ'alii-レグダリ-" members: vo.Izumi (ex.Rutiru, Tokami, シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain)) gt.Yu→ (ex.BLADE, La'veil MizeriA (support), LIV'ERT) dr.Hakuya (ex.Louder, La'veil MizeriA (support), NightingeiL) supports: Ba. わたる(Wataru) (ex.コントラリエ(Contrarie)) Ba. Ayaka (ex.シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain))
  12. FATE GEAR 4th album "The Sky Prison" will be released at 2020/12/23.
  13. エミルの愛した月夜に第III幻想曲を (Emille's Moonlight Serenade) new album "-Wish- 春に散る 白雪の花 (2nd press)" will be released at 2020/10/25. The original album was released in 2014 and is currently out of print. This new release is a limited version with several bonus songs. I add a video clip in case you don't know the project.
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