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    Yukami reacted to LobeliaGarden in Hello   
    OMG yay!!! this is awesome!! I'm happy to meet another Lobelia (MALISEND fan!!)  
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    Yukami got a reaction from LobeliaGarden in Hello   
    Hello! I also love MALISEND!  
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    Yukami reacted to suji in I'm new to this website..x.x   
    Welcome to Monochrome Heaven! I hope you enjoy it here! If you need any help with anything, just drop me a message, or to anyone else with a red/blue/green username.
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    Yukami reacted to Peace Heavy mk II in Hello   
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    Yukami got a reaction from suji in Feliz cumpleaños! Gracias por las news updates!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!   
    Thank you very much friend! Very friendly!  
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