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  1. Velovelo

    Sorry, it's Vimeo, because YT sucks balls with their copyright shit in Germany. But I've fallen in love with Royal Blood. These guys are just a duo (from the UK) - Bass/Vocals and Drums - but fuck, they sound so fat. I'm totally addicted to them, especially because they are so raw (but not toooo brutal) and kind of have an old MUSE vibe going on. Shit's delicious, try it out if you like Britrock. Can't wait to see these guys live someday!
  2. Velovelo

    Wow, seems like this is becoming a new trend... Announcing conditional disbandments like that.
  3. Velovelo

    I actually got a little バニックちゃんえる vibe from the preview at the first few seconds. Sounded a bit like いやがらせ somehow, but yeah, that's about it. The chorus (?) deviated from that. Will definitely listen to it in full.
  4. Velovelo

    Looks like SuG are finally getting to redeem themselves.
  5. Velovelo

    I harbor no hate for SCREW, but back in 2007 they at least were kind of edgy. I even bought their first album, and I wanted to buy their release with VEGAS (which I liked) on it. But after that, they went downhill for me. Gather Roses after that was pretty nice, but that's about it. Nothing else beyond that ever managed to make me come back to this band.
  6. Velovelo

    I stopped taking Screw seriously ever since they released that album with Dustbox on it. It was just nasal distorted vocals over Jin playing on tin cans and the rest of the bunch sounded pretty unremarkable as well. When they brought out Brainstorm, it almost put me to sleep in the chorus. Gosh, Byou's voice is so airy and weak. They proably just keep him in the band because of his good looks.
  7. I am pretty sure they only chose the term "PV" to target the japanese audience, as they already toured there just a few days ago. "The Distance" is pretty bleh compared to their other stuff, though. I wouldn't put them into the crappy category at all, to be honest. They have another MV and full songs on YT.
  8. Velovelo

    Suits and ties, almost every VK band has done this by now. If you were that upset about copying, just listen to Tokage. I mean, I like them, but seriously? After something as obvious as Tokage you put them into the copycat chair because they are wearing suits? In comparision, this is a very minor offense. Everybody's friend wears that sooner or later. You don't have to dig through VK to affirm this, it's everywhere, and shit happens. Their songs themselves are much more prone to that kind of criticism. Yet, still most people like them, because they bring a bit of the late 90's back, and that's okay. Now, really, wearing suits with ties should be a non-issue.
  9. Velovelo

    I've heard their stuff before, and their new ballad-ish song preview is pretty surprising, as it seems to be a departure from their other stuff (duh, what kind of band doesn't do this someday?) but I always thought they were very skilled. The preview is good. It sounds a bit lukewarm due to this kind of song being overdone in the past, but hey! They are good. And I'll check out this release whenever I get the chance.
  10. Wataru © - vocal chord problems ever since choking biatches was a thing
  11. Velovelo

    That title describes Byou's vocal talent perfectly.
  12. Velovelo

    I didn't like their music at all, but it's sad to see how business makes you go for such shady methods to basically force fans to buy tickets. Sounds like their manager/label did this, I agree. VK musicians are being milked for all they're worth, and it's been like this for ages.
  13. Lol, that is fucking awful. Hahaha. My brain hurts a bit... But nevermind, at least he's got a lot of safety pins there...
  14. Double post! Well, the band that started this thread has made a return! They've done a PV, and while it's alright instrumentally, you still have to wonder about fence posts stuck in the vocalist's arse. Just swap out vocalists, you might be competent!
  15. Velovelo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGAdyT__jbA This band is mind-blowing, especially live. And I have no fucking idea why barely anybody knows them! WTF. Seriously, if you like prog rock and don't give them a spin, you should feel BAD. And I mean it.
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