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    girugamesh, DIR EN GREY, SWARRRM, R-Shitei, THE SOUND BEE HD, Extreme Metal, Hardcore(And all it's subgenres Metalcore, Deathcore, Grindcore, etc.) Visual Kei, Nagoya Kei, Angura Kei, Hip-hop/Rap, MMA, Boxing, YouTube, Exercise, Health, and Nutrition

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  1. Bring back DEATHGAZE!

    1. nekkichi


      I want Nokia Naoki to start something as good as dexcore tbh, the scene needs more variety and darell sounds literally like straightforward deathgaze#2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



  2. Mr. Bungle's first new album in 21 years. Came out October 30. Awesome Thrash, Crossover, hardcore punk.
  3. Happy birthday, homedawg! :glitter:

  4. The fucking irony you have to hold for the suicide hotline!!!!

  5. Just realized DEXCORE is a whole new band because Kagami is the only original member and since Naoki who started the band left, it's basically Kagami's band. 

    1. nekkichi


      Kagami is a national treasure tbh

  6. Mamo

    DEXCORE - [METEMPSYCHOSIS.] -Red- might be the best vk release ever just do to the amount of new songs. OMFG!
  7. Mamo

    A boy can dream.
  8. Mamo

    I forgot they existed.
  9. Mamo

    I've had issues in the past lol Mainly with ordering and then weeks later discovering my order was sold out or to someone else.
  10. Mamo

    America but I just use a shopping service.
  11. Mamo

    Oh! I'm gonna pick it up if it's in stock. Been listening to emmurée again a lot anyway.
  12. Mamo

    Anyone get the new split single? Also who is 101A?
  13. Mamo

    Mostly on my phone nowadays but also on my pc, tbh my phone is better galaxy s20 ultra, I don't even know wtf my pc is lol I know it's new. Plus I got nice bluetooth speakers and in my car I just us bluetooth as well.
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