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  1. LMAOOOOOOOO, I love you, but I had to. Mod shizz. 🤣


    still, my non-mod side is cracking the fuck up.

    1. nekkichi


      it's all good, it only had a point as long as the og post was up there

    2. platy


      gotta say, that was a really good one.

  2. CAT5

  3. CAT5

    Done, and you're welcome!
  4. Finally got around to trying the new Tame Impala. That shit jammin

    1. Seimeisen


      I need to get to that! It’s just been sitting in one of my download folders since it came out :lol:

  5. CAT5

    Great to see you around again, Linh! I hope all has been well for you! Welcome back!~
  6. CAT5

    I'm actually pretty hyped for this, which is kind of a first for me as far as tribute albums go. But it's pretty cool that the entire second disc is all instrumental covers. The Mudy on the Sakuban cover sounds like it'll be sick, and i'm definitely interested to hear where LITE takes things!
  7. CAT5

    It's not very often that a new member here claims toe as one of their favorites! They're also one of my favorites too! Welcome to the forum!
  8. @Zeus and I trying out beatsense for the first time. Come play a few tunes with us!



    1. reminiscing2004


      damn! wish i caught this

    2. suji


      it was so much fun! and of course I had to leave just when someone decided to play merry! ;w;

  9. Lianne la Havas covered one of my favorite Radiohead songs, and it's super dope! Her new album is perfect, btw.



  10. CAT5

    I went ahead and bought a hard copy, since this book is truly a great reference and a treasure trove of wisdom. Bought the 2nd book as well, and looking forward to digging into it!
  11. CAT5

    So the tracklist/bands involved here is actually dope as fuck. Despite the fact that their best material was released over a decade ago, I'm actually legit looking forward to this. Guaranteed to be some interesting renditions of their songs.
  12. CAT5

    Ya know, it's interesting...A lot of people seem to have a problem with me consistently talking about and mentioning The Most High. So let's look at this... #1. When I say "The Most High", do you automatically assume that you understand what I mean when I say that? Most people have no clue, yet they assume that their understanding is the same as mine. They never ask questions to seek clarification on the matter. #2. Am I forcing my beliefs on anyone else? Never have and never will. Whenever I mention TMH, it's always in reference to myself. I could literally care less if anyone else believes what I believe. Nor do I care what others believe. We all have the freedom to believe in whatever we choose. #3. Does what I eat, make you shit? It shouldn't. Me talking about my beliefs literally poses no threat to you, nor does it have any effect on or control over your life. So if all of these ring true, then why do people still find offense with it? Well, it may simply be a spiritual issue: The word for "spirit" in Hebrew is "ruach", which literally means "wind". What does the wind do? It blows things in a certain direction. So if i'm coming in one spirit, and someone else is coming with another...we're essentially being blown in two different directions...and what happens when two different winds collide? Resistance. They don't mix. Consider.
  13. Oh nice, today is Aimer's Birthday, and I've actually been in the mood for her music these past few days :D

  14. I like to walk whenever it's appropriate. Other than that, I've started lifting and doing calisthenics somewhat regularly.
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