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  1. Membership applications currently: CLOSED Thanks to everyone who applied! If you missed your chance, please follow this topic to be notified of the next time we’re accepting new member applications. Note: If you sent me a DM before this post and haven’t received a response yet: you’ll get one. A lot of people applied and I haven’t had the time to get back to everyone yet. Please be patient, and thank you for understanding.
  2. 新JSALAD is an exclusive Discord server for obscure Japanese music enthusiasts and collectors. While not limited to any particular genre or scene, our community tends to focus on visual kei, pico pico, angura, indies, electronic, and shoegaze. Details: * active, friendly community with members who enjoy getting to know your interests and recommending new music * access to extensive collaborative band and discography research, info archives, and the various expertise and specialized knowledge of our members * organized and intuitive server design and structure: discussion channels by genre, as well as unlockable special-interest channels for specific bands and commonly-shared interests/hobbies * regularly occurring server events like concert and movie streams, member-curated radio shows/DJ sets, and voice chats * level-1 boosted server: enjoy extra (amazing) emojis, and higher-quality audio and video streaming than other servers * innovative and community-focused approach to server management: express yourself with your own unique color and role title, and help shape the community by voting on server additions and changes 新JSALAD is a private community that periodically accepts new members. If you would like to apply to join, or simply wish to learn more about the server, please send me a DM.
  3. Plant

    the original version of 禁色 on Forbidden Pleasure volume I with ao singing is really quite nice. it’s from 1997 so I think it's the first cali≠gari recording with ao singing?
  4. Plant

    wow almost exact opposite I guess kenjiro maybe? or shuuji.......... turns out he can shred secretly
  5. Plant

    for me it's probably 俺≠俺 > 初恋中毒〜童貞一直線篇〜 > 俺が咲く山 > 俺は怒ってる but I like kenjiro style, s o......... I really wonder if ao is the one playing guitar on these tracks 🤔
  6. Plant

    lol that one's actually my least favorite
  7. Plant

    I like that one ;o;
  8. Plant

    I mean, they already have a song called cali+gari.......
  9. Plant

    I sure hope so....... Great title.
  10. Plant

    I’m curious about the CD that comes with カリガリの偏曲集. So it contains different versions of those songs that you can play along to using the sheet music?
  11. Plant

    I think it’s just because there was a shift in sound, which always causes a bit of division among fans. As much as I do like the post-dmmd stuff now, it’s definitely not the same, and their older works hold so much nostalgic value for me it’s hard not to remain partial. But, anyway, imo the post-dmmd stuff should not be ignored; it just has a different vibe. Even those put off by it should be able to enjoy the less-than releases at least; those remixes are solid.
  12. Plant

    Yes, it is largely thanks to you. And yes you should listen to them a lot. Colorlessbalance was definitely better than I expected it to be. For some reason I listened to voicelessbalance first, so that made for kind of a strange experience.
  13. Plant

    I suggest ワーキングウォークマン. This was me until earlier this year tbh. The "less than" releases won me over though, and coaxed me into giving the new stuff a second chance.
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