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  1. Happy b-day Champ! ❤️

  2. Happy b-day Champ! <3

  3. Champ213

    Scorpio Metal Apes. My western zodiac (scorpio) and chinese zodiac (metal ape) combined. I don't even believe in zodiacs, but it just sounds badass.
  4. Champ213

    Well. I once tried to make him guess Odin's horse and he guessed Gandalf's horse. I considered that a victory.
  5. Champ213

    Apart from some of the stuff already mentioned (classis 90s styles like La'Mule), I always found Yuuki's "Lady Liberty"-look quite... special.
  6. Champ213

    Yeah, I guess the difference is that I was (as usual) very late to the game. I started Origins a few months before Inquisition came out, so I basically played all 3 games in a row, and I knew that DA2 was considered... controversial when I started it. So I didn't really have high expectations when I began and I found it to be not as bad as I feared from all the bashing going on. XD I must have been the only person in the world who appreciated that. My Inquisitor was a warrior, not a Disney princess, so I was happy they didn't force her into some frilly dress. (Well, eventually she ended up in a dress anyway for the wedding scene in Trespasser.)
  7. Champ213

    probably the single greatest western RPG of the last decade, with only a few others able to come close to what I consider perfection. It's such a shame that Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition wasn't able to live up to Origins... I had such high hopes for both as well. Origins was just good in everything it did and was almost like a perfect combination of micromanaging party combat system, superb and interesting characters, really strong world building and lore, and RPG stat/class and equipment building. Dragon Age: Origins is great, but I guess I'm one of the rare kind that always liked the other two parts a lot as well. (As my sig probably shows.) I will admit that the 2nd part was definetely the weakest, it felt very rushed, the writing wasn't nearly as good as in Origins and the story was all over the place, especially in the first half of the game. I still had a lot of fun playing it, and the gameplay felt a lot smoother than the clunky combat of Origins. I also really, really liked Inquisition (played it like 3 times already...) My only critcism would be that they tried a bit too hard to be skyrim-ish. They could have scrapped some of the open-world-regions in favor for more story content. Or heck, just more stuff with your companions, because that was probably the strongest part of the game.
  8. I would be more exitited about this if Kyoka's bands didn't have the habit to vanish again before they really got started. But with a PV spot, a release date and tracklist, this may actually yield some proper releases at least. Definetely loving the preview so far.
  9. Champ213

    Well, whenever I visit last.fm these days Avast is giving me a Malware warning, so... good grief.
  10. I'm sorry, but this isn't really the place for that. If we allow this to stay, everyone will start posting their promo links and we have a name for that: spam. Link removed and topic closed.
  11. Champ213

    Their music is kinda all over the place and not what I expected. Not bad though, at least the parts where they aren't trying to be something-something-core.
  12. None. Even if I could get the rip elsewhere, I love touching my CDs, especially if they're digipacks. I'm a regular CD-molester.
  13. Okay, upon closer inspection it seems all those flimsy livehouse CDs I have are actually from before they changed their name. But I noticed that not even their regular stuff from after their name change has been posted so far, so here's all I got.
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