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  1. Hello! Some months ago you ordered stuff with me, I've sent you reminder messages a few times but you don't see those. Could you please tell me if you're still in on the sales or not? If this doesn't get a reply, I'll just resell the items you've "bought". Thanks!

  2. kawa35

    THE SOUND BEE HD is the only one interesting band at Starwave. Like if Kiwamu has too much power over on this label and doesn't allow those bands to make good music haha
  3. kawa35

    Recently listen DIAVOLO, it really pleasant to the hears !! I missed that kind of creative band !!
  4. kawa35

    Any idea when they will share the PV ?
  5. kawa35

    Far better than the last singles !
  6. kawa35

    Anyone heard the EP he released ?
  7. Just hope it will not end like The-UnForGiveness- project ...
  8. kawa35

    If this project is as good as ANUBIS, it will be very interesting. So far it sounds like Kanon Wakeshima' project with Mana, the samples are good. Let's wait the full release
  9. He made nice work with mixing, the voice is still poor but the overwall is nice. セイレーン〜「トラウマ 」 is more interesting than The Brillant World. I'll certainly take a look at the album Thanks for the discovery
  10. kawa35

    So much wasted talent here ... They are very good composers and musicians but why always make the same songs? They were one of the band I liked the most and now I only listen their disco from The Revenant Choir to Jubilee, every stuff the realeased after that is so somilar ... Anyways, let's wait the full realease, Marionnette and Lineage sound promising. I miss Lareine, Sulfuric acid and Hizaki grace project so much
  11. kawa35

    I am the only one that remind Psycho le Cemu at listening the first song ? Not as good tho ahah
  12. Really nice news ! I love Sui's voice and his work with Metif Gretel. It started turning bad with Megaromania and his work with Kisaki ... Hope they will be more interesting with Kamijo, but the trailer isn't as good as I expected... :/
  13. kawa35

    That's nice to hearing back THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS' singer ! They seem promising !
  14. kawa35

    I can't decide if I like them or not ... They seems to have potential but none of their work succeeded to get my attention ... Let's wait a bit, maybe they will realease something and come to an other level ^^
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