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  1. LIDL

    People been saying his name is Tooru Nishimura. but who knows?
  2. LIDL

    I don't like it. It is unlistenable to me. He is becoming so basic these days. That song he did some time ago with Avril will never be forgiven. And this album is another offering that shows that basicness. I can't feel any aggresion and purity from him and his music anymore. Those were the part that makes it interesting for me. His "bangers" these days were always so luke warm now, it barely punches. No doubt, he is a changed man, and I won't put it against him. I have hoped he would get his second wind, but at this point, I guess this is the part where I really consider to stop following his career anymore as I don't feel anything left for me anymore.
  3. LIDL

    So long they will play Muddy Cult, all will be well in the fandom.
  4. Use DeJapan, it is better amd easy to use. I am a long time costumer of them, and not once was dissapointed. Their costumer service are also top notch. I especially felt helped during this pandemic, and Japan decided to hold off a lot of parcels using EMS, which caused a looooong delay. They hooked me up to different services instead and got my parcels on time. They shipped all things you can buy from online Japanese shops. I even get them to buy me limited edition ramen cups once. Those pringles flavored ones. Also, Dejapan don't ask for yours identity card (either driving license, id card, SSN) for verification the way Tenso does, so it is much more safer, like why tf Tenso needed a copy if my ID card?! WTF is that?!
  5. No instrumental track? Looking forward tho
  6. LIDL

    I still wait for full on bald kei era
  7. Yes, I was so into it since I saw One Step Closer MV on MTV I even listened to it when I drive my motorbike, I know it's dangerous, but I was a teenager who doesn't care about safety and shit This album got no fillers, each song just so good. I never once skip songs. Not once. I remember that time, casette was still widely sold on record stores, and I had about 3 Hybird Theory casette, 1 was played to often, the ribbon just thinned out and broke. One was had its ribbon stucked and tangled inside my walkman. And one other was repackaged, with My December in it. I must say they are a great act to close the nu metal era. Can't be better than that. If they are going to re-release this with rare and unreleased tracks, I will have to get them. For old time sake.
  8. LIDL

    I was 2 hours late and surprised it is still available to purchase. I thought it would be super limited and will sell out quickly, all things considered. Perhaps the 5K Yen price tag is deterrent to some people? Or it is just my lucky day, doubt it though.
  9. 2020 Clever is just hits different and we don't like it. DEG attempt at remaking their own songs have always been hit or miss. And Clever is one of those misses for sure. Actually most of their remakes after they turned bit into Ooga Booga sounds are mostly misses for me. There are lots of beats but lack of harmony. Lucky they didn't ruin Fukai the last time. I actually like that one.
  10. LIDL

    I didn't know that until now. Perhaps lack of 9Monster casual dates causes that.
  11. LIDL

    I understand the sentiment, however people are dying here. It is very irresponsible to keep this going regardless. It is not worth the trouble. Proper sendoff would be nice, but to force your fans to attend for the sake of it, and most likely caused them to catch the virus in the process, since you can't expect social distancing and in a live house already with limited space, even with plastic barrier on, is very mendokusai, irresponsible and selfish. I really hope they'd rethink this. The safety of everyone, including their fans need to be priority.
  12. I find that while played on computer/laptop, there is no hiccups. It only happens when listened on phone
  13. LIDL

    They really need to put this on hold. This is very irresponsible when the cases are keep rising. Sure, Japan cases are not one of the worst, but postponing this until situation is conducive still the wisest step to take.
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