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  1. what's with that naming? if it does mean something i hope it's rebranding after change of the label or something anyway the vid and look, despite being a 30 seconds vid and a pic where you can see nothing, look like the essence of diaura-ness so whatever it will be i think it will be good
  2. just saw that movie about demon hunters and vampires and werewolves all looking goth and cool and i have to admit i'm genuinely disappointed with reality

  3. yomii

    i'll be more than happy if it turned out like that~
  4. yomii

    so one of the few good vk bands is left without its half huh what's next, surprise me
  5. yomii

    can't sleep because of another amnesia bad ending...the game is creepy
  6. nice pop song maybe koichi and genki should've done something like this if they wanted to finish with vk
  7. unmei kousaten style isn't particularly my thing but must admit vocals are impressive and the whole vibe reminded me of raidou kuzunoha games ❤️

  8. yomii

    oh. rest in peace.
  9. two guys ex-killaneth and ex-morrigan will perform for our free local japan education fair(wut), hope we're going to get two new sanas instead of the old one

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      /that moment when it was strictly confidential sht just a few days ago... WELL/

    3. Komorebi


      Wait, it was confidential? lol



      Few days ago friend told me that they're going to russia this autumn, and it will be their "business trip", and asked not to tell anyone about it bc they're still negotiating xD it seems it's not a secret anymore 

  10. im so happy rena is back with such a strong lineup ive stopped the vid after 5 seconds just so i cant get disappointed
  11. yomii

    still can't believe this is kyohei lmao they are so good ❤️
  12. yomii

    bad news...hope he'll be alright and kebyo'll find a good bassist too. but i'll miss him, i love them all already :c
  13. happy birthday ( ˊᵕˋ ) wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

    1. Komorebi


      Thank you so much!

  14. just found out watanuki from kebyo and vurny vo kyohei is the same person and im shook!!!!! i was vurny fan back then and i do remember kyohei's voice and what's with that drastic character shift...and i didn't recognize hina either.....

    this is such a step up, i'm so proud of them now!

  15. yomii

    i'd face sakurai as an excuse to get beaten by him
  16. yomii

    i pray the next step is streaming live on those big screens in shibuya upd: or two simultaneous lives with half of the band being holograms like that iconic mia and janelle monae performance and both lives streaming on shibuya skyscrapers yea i expect much of kizu
  17. ok you remember that story when cd japan shipped my order two weeks later after the actu release? so today, in the exact day when kebyo announced their new single i finally got that order which contained their latest one and gulu gulu release and you know what - gulu gulu cd box is cracked lmao i can't

    dear lord please let it be my most unfortunate order ever

    1. yomii



      is their music so sick that even the cd box cracked i wonder?

    2. monkeybanana4


      It was too heavy and amazing for the case to handle, lol. 


      Random, but I love your nails~ They're so pretty ❤️ 

    3. yomii


      i'll check that out later! 


      thank you‪⸜(*ˊᵕˋ* )⸝‬  going to try and find a job lol so i've decided to do somethin more calm and sweet~

  18. yomii

    i hope all religions are real at once cuz their stories are so cool!!! i love reading about religions
  19. its a shame for bp to lose such a gem. they'll still have a good set of bands, but nonetheless that's a waste.

    1. yomii


      and ugly.........like was this even real

    2. 123Sandman321


      ...I'm sorry, but we had all that, plus Undying in Munich...It was amazing

  21. their previous look was better imo but that one was stunning and this is just good so ok
  22. excited to see the gazette today!

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    2. Naaaaani


      Sadly gone out of money rapidly and also hadn't enough motivation to save for the concert, so no gayzette for me. I'm from Saint-Petersburg btw.

    3. yomii


      gayzette lol

      the live was great btw~ ive never seen them live before and i must admit they have great energy. also heard miyavi and diru are coming next year btw, dunno how true is that though

    4. Naaaaani


      I saw them 3 years ago in Moscow and I can't say I was impressed so much though I liked their Dogma stuff. Definitely going to see Dir en grey once more but don't care for Miyavi anymore since his transformation into a pop singer.

      Если что - всегда велкам в личку

  23. yomii

    can we stop discussing this lmao
  24. yomii

    emptiness after graduation? priceless feeling
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