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  1. 1 hour ago, chipathy said:


    What the actual fuck is this band's budget if they can pull this off

    i pray the next step is streaming live on those big screens in shibuya




    or two simultaneous lives with half of the band being holograms like that iconic mia and janelle monae performance





    and both lives streaming on shibuya skyscrapers

    yea i expect much of kizu

  2. 5 hours ago, secret_no_03 said:

    On an additional note, Uta is easily my favorite bassist since Koichi.

    btw i suddenly remembered that ive read on tanuki that gyas hate uta and say he cant play bass at all

    i remember he mentioned that when he joined the band the music difficulty was above his level but like how can he play at lives at all if he's that bad as gyas say...

    anyone saw nazare live?


    also ideal slays, they just did it again. its a fucking miracle, they look and behave like this band is a joke, but they haven't disappointed me once since the very beginning. they do have awful songs lol, but i dont take them into account, its nothing in comparison with all the goodness 

  3. 3 hours ago, secret_no_03 said:

    Well, I reminded of MIYAVI talking about how when he first got started he wanted to stand out so he got tattoos and piercings, so it's not that out of the realm of possibility.

    well this is something people do when they generally want to stand out dont they? 

  4. 42 minutes ago, secret_no_03 said:

    Serious question, as someone whose never had gauges or a bunch of piercings like these guys. Will the skin just go back to normal when they decide to get rid of them in 5-10 years or will Uta's face just be full of holes and Mio's ears be fucked for good? It's always interesting trying to figure out what these guys are thinking when they do these kinds of things, like did you really do it just to be different in VK or is this something you're legit into and if so, what inspired you to go to what could be considered an extreme degree.

    i dont think people do such things just to stand out in vk scene, there are plenty examples of looking stunning and different without body modifications of any kind done. plus it's difficult to get a normal job if you have piercings that are easily visible, tattoos are still not socially approved (remember nero case)

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