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  1. Please Close this everything sold!
  2. Hello guys, I decided to sell everything J-Rock related that's still left, so please please take a look and don't hesitate to write me. We can also discuss over prices if you think they're too high or anything Shipping prices depend on what you want and where you live. Shipping is from Germany. (My feedback site) Dio - distraught Overlord - Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana ~Nanji, Ware wa Zennou no Mono Nari~ - 15€ (the white one ;D ) - Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana ~Shi to byoudou no tsumi no naka de~ - 15€ (the red one ;D ) - Keychain - 10€ VanessA - Chi[ma]ira - 10€ Dio signed photoset - 8€ (Erina wasn't in the Band anymore this time, that's why his photo isn't signed) Ageha - 5€
  3. shindachou

    edited first post, please take a look : )
  4. shindachou

    come on guys not much left but still enough to go...
  5. shindachou

    yep and shipping would be 3,50€ (total 9,50€)
  6. shindachou

    sorry the flyer set is already sold..
  7. -closed- Please delete this topic
  8. -Please delete this topic!- thanks
  9. Please delete this topic..
  10. shindachou

    added more new things today
  11. shindachou

    added a lot more new stuff
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