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    Final Fantasy IV OSV and Final Fantasy V OSV Both firstpress editions
  3. clow_eriol

    reform despairs ray now x [3]
  4. clow_eriol

    Who is their current support bassist?
  5. clow_eriol

  6. clow_eriol

    VAMPS - UNDERWORLD (USA version) Dir en Grey - THE UNRAVELING (EU version) Dir en Grey - ARCHE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN - Bluray (Bootleg Russia version)
  7. clow_eriol

    I hope 雅-MIYAVI- wins with a fatallity
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  9. clow_eriol

    I've just received my last order from cdjapan Mucc - Shin Tsuzetsu [Limited Edition]
  10. clow_eriol

    My auction items from rarezhut have just arrived! Dir en grey - DECADE 1998-2002 Sadie - GRUDGE OF SORROW Alìce Nine - VANDALIZE (LE) V.A. - V-ANIME ROCKS!
  11. clow_eriol

    These are my purchases of the month of April and part of this month, all form ebay. Starting from the top left: Dir en grey - Vulgar (Standard edition) Mucc - Homurauta Signed (EU version) Mucc - TRENDY -paradise from 1997- (EU version) Mucc - The End (EU version) X Japan - WE ARE X OST (mainly purchased for the 2017 recordings....) Dir en grey - Gauze (Limited edition) An Cafe - Hikagyaku ZiprocK (Limited edition) Miyavi - The others (Standard edition)
  12. clow_eriol

    I was wondering how he has been broked his leg
  13. clow_eriol

    That it is because this one is another pv compilation of their pv that have not been compiled in any collection yet. Jasin to Bara was compiled on Love[CLIIIP]er
  14. clow_eriol

    My last order from RarezHut finally arrived
  15. clow_eriol

    Nice feauture, finally something cool since the site redesign. Mine it's here! http://www.last.fm/user/clow_eriol/listening-report/year
  16. Good news!! I'm really happy that they comeback together!
  17. Pardon my ignorance, but the shipment to Europe in auctions is the same price as a normal purchase through the store? (this one calculated by cart, for example "First-Class Package International Service™ (1 package): $13.50")
  18. clow_eriol

    After Kyuati, all goes to an infinte spiral of meh...
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