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  1. Ro plz

    There’s bands that really do their best to have remakes sounds good. I know SADIE gets a bad rap on here but they really knocked it out the park with BLEACH. The production and overall composition of those older songs are ridiculously crisp. Dir en grey’s The UNRAVELING is another example of it being well done too. Full on Re-recordings, 9/10 times I wonder why bands even bother. I prefer they do a really stellar modern performance of said old song. There’s an ambiance from that live setting that often doesn’t translate well in the studio. Example: The GazettE has shown recently that they know how to bring new life to old songs. They had no business putting out that bullshit that was Traces Vol 2. They could’ve easily threw those old songs on a set and performed their asses of on em...which i Hope they do soon.
  2. Ro plz

  3. Ro plz

    I miss Batsu.
  4. I’m side eyeing anyone Who dares complain about Fukai. I feel like this was the one time the band listened to us in terms of what we wanted for a remake. It’s damn near perfect. And as for the statement that they won’t play the older version of Hydra. If the MODE of versions should taught us anything, its that possibility is always there. Lets not forget that Tsumi to Batsu was played during that tour. UNDECIDED Original was played during that tour. OLD MACABRE was played. I Heavily agree with @Tokage’s statement That those old versions are too VK. They stand out like a sore thumb compared to what the band has evolved to so the updated versions are “needed.” But if the situation fits, they’ll def pull those oldies out the hat.
  5. Celebrate Empty Howls, and Devote my life were two of my lows from that NY show. I get that the goal was to play the whole album but I would’ve preferred another live staple like Grief or something to take those slots. As for the a live album... They’ve played the entirety of TIW already and I’m sure they have recordings in the tuck. But at the same time, most of that album now has live performances on DVD now. They’re better off slapping those remaining performances on another single DVD. The DSS BUDOKAN live suffered a lot because we were OVER exposed to almost 99 percent of that setlist with the preceding DVDs. I can’t see a TIW live album being received well after so many of us JUST seen those songs live. And getting a lot of em on the past few DVDS.
  6. The new CLEVER SLEAZOID sounds a raw ass demo. Im getting DOZING GREEN BC vibes from this. Its of cool that this will be taking the place of the original during lives. I still prefer the original but this is ballin.
  7. Meh. That was really underwhelming...
  8. Hazuki gives me a boner so i have to check this out.
  9. Ro plz

    I feel like Buck-Tick is inching towards MUCC status... They keep releasing music lately and its been subpar as fuck.
  10. Ro plz

    Turn this shit off. i ain’t wait for them to come back all these years for this sappy nonsense. Bring me the Drop B guitar riffs, Growls, and the rest of that juicy goodness they left us off on.
  11. I really spoke 12012 back into existence. 

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    2. Himeaimichu


      Can you perform Necromancy and bring Amano Tonbimaru from the grave?

    3. Tokage


      bro please predict a lynch disbandment.......

    4. Ro plz

      Ro plz

      Send me your location @Tokage.  I cant let you post that and not throw hands. 

  12. Ro plz

    GIMME MY FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ro plz

    Preordered. Satsuki been slappin since he left RES. Y’all some elitist MF’s man SMH
  14. I was hoping they’d call it quits but that teaser sounds tight as hell. I’m game.
  15. Are y’all forgetting that the Uncensored version of TSUMI TO KISEI was a digital only release? This IS “right up DIR EN GREY’s alley” lol. Idk why there’s such “novelty” (if that’s the right word) about this. If they do decide to release a physical version later, that would be dope. But with how the world is right now, I doubt that’s even a possibility that’s floating through their heads, nor a priority. As long as the music gets out so be it tbh.
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