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  1. plastic_rainbow

    @Gesu This may vary depending on where you live or your situation, but if you're struggling financially and need the income I'd say lower your standards and take whatever job you can. Even if you're not, your first job most likely won't be anything worth staying at anyway. All my past jobs have pretty much been crap, with my first job at some food manufacturer right when I got out of high school. I've also done dishwashing, housekeeping, and a custodian job to name a few....If you don't mind customer service/talking to people you may have more options. My current job is not even something I'm entirely proud of, but it's one of the better jobs I've had that helps pay the bills/school tuition, and gives me a flexible enough schedule to work on things on the side. If you can't get a job because you need 'experience' you could also try volunteering to build some. Anyway, like ghost said, it's tough, but I wish you the best of luck!
  2. plastic_rainbow

    Yu-dai from SEX-ANDROID
  3. was not expecting this news at all....he's one of my favorite vocalists of all time 😢 i get the feeling that he'll come back someday and maybe a good rest is all he needs. whatever he plans to do from now on, i wish him all the best~
  4. plastic_rainbow

    Been a long time since I wrote in this topic! Here are some stuff I've been trying. Btw @platy sorry to hear that the Soonjung toner didn't work out for you! I went back to it some time ago and I think it's better suited for the evening if you want extra moisture/hydration. Otherwise, you can also use it for the rest of your body if you're just trying to use it up, haha. Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream - Not currently using this but I loved it during the colder winter months. It's moisturizing enough that I can just skip my moisturizer and apply this on! (drier skin types may differ tho) Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner - Received this from my friend who isn't using it anymore and I'm in LOVE with the serum-y texture. It makes me face feel so plump. I've been using it for a while and don't know if it's actually doing anything anymore though lol. I think I want to try other kinds of serums/essences after I finish this. Otherwise it's still a good basic toner and I may consider repurchasing it because I do like to keep my routine minimal and simple. The downside is that it's a bit more pricey than I thought. Hanskin PHA Cleansing Oil - I've been alternating this one with my Kose deep cleansing oil and I like how light it feels. It's also very easy to wash off and works well as a light exfoliator with PHA in it (a much gentler form of chemical exfoliant compared to AHA and BHA). Even though it's rather gentle I still avoid using it daily because my skin gets angry fast, haha. The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc - Finally got around to trying one of their products! I thought I'd try this one out to control my oil/sebum production but sadly I don't think it's working. My skin is just that oily....especially during the summer months. Only thing I've noticed with this so far is that it has made me face feel really smooth~ I'm not applying a lot of it though so that may be hindering some of the results, but I like to be cautious whenever I'm trying a new product so I apply very little at first. I'm actually mixing this one with the Klairs supple toner, which I mentioned above, and I like how that's been working out. Make p:rem Safe me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Foam - My friend received a sample version of this foaming cleanser from a haul and decided to give it to me. I've been using it once a week only because foaming cleansers tend to dry out my skin fast, but they're still great for a deeper cleanse after a long week. This one's the type where you have to foam it up yourselves with your hands or a foaming net, which is rather annoying. It also has a slight shampoo/soapy scent but nothing too overpowering. Once I foam it up I apply it on my face for only about 3-5 seconds and rinse it off quick. Any longer and I feel like I might be overdoing it. Overall, it's just an okay cleanser, I would like something gentler. The only good thing about it is that it does seem to make my face feel pretty smooth. Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV - Okay, I'll be honest, I bought this sunscreen for the cute packaging (I have a thing for mermaids too) and was hoping that it would work out for me, but it didn't lol. It made me feel greasy and just felt a bit heavy. I think I'll try it again in the colder winter months and see if that'll work better for me. Also, there are two types for this sunscreen, one is a white type for brightening your face, in Japan they call it 'tone up' which kinda works like foundation to cover blemishes, the other type is a clear type, which basically means without the foundation properties. I bought the clear type. Now for some shampoo~ Shiseido Tsubaki Smooth Anti-Frizz (pink) - I bought this a while ago and loved how smooth it made my hair feel! Only downside is that the fragrance is too flowery and overpowering so I decided try something else after emptying it. I bought the trial set version btw, which was a good enough amount for my short hair to last maybe half a year. I hate how shampoos always come in large bottles.... HMENZ Shampoo and Conditioner - Thought I'd try a mens shampoo this time around to avoid the strong flowery scent, but I do not like this one at all. It feels like the cheap drug store shampoos I've used in the past that never made my hair feel good and always caused my hair to frizz. It's a Japanese brand too so I thought the quality would still be good (japanese shampoos have always worked well for me), but it is not. I'm currently trying to use as much of it as I can before throwing it out so it's a good thing that it comes in small bottle, but it was also pretty damn expensive. I think I will just go back to the flowery scented Japanese shampoos I've tried in the past.... I wanted to mention a bit about some fashion/clothing but this post has gotten long enough. 😓
  5. plastic_rainbow

    Top 5 is pretty hard to choose! There's a lot that I enjoy depending on my mood/genre and I just started delving more into old 80s anime in recent years, including other classic stuff that I missed. DBZ and Sailor Moon were my first anime, and Cardcaptor Sakura was a childhood favorite that I do really still love ngl (the clear card-hen was absolute shit tho). Anyway, I'm gonna list by series and movies too cuz there's quite a few movies that I enjoy. Series: (stuff that I've at least watched twice) Mushishi Death Note Saraiya Goyou Aoi Bungaku Series Serial Experiments Lain Movies: Perfect Blue Spirited Away Mind Game Vampire Hunter D (2000) Koe no Katachi Honorable Mentions: Monogatari Series, Kemonozume, Gankutsuou, Monster, Ping Pong the Animation, Elfen Lied, The Tatami Galaxy, Boogiepop Phantom, Kino no Tabi (2003)
  6. plastic_rainbow

    i mean, it's mostly just some of my favorite vk songs i've listened to over the years, nothing really special lol. it's a really long list, and i didn't even include everything i wanted, but if you're still interested i can maybe send the playlist to you. not doing this to impress someone at all, just love sharing music
  7. plastic_rainbow

    compiling a vk playlist for a friend for when i visit but so many to choose from.......she's not very familiar with vk except for some bands that were big in mid 00s so i have no idea what she likes lol. don't think she listens to a whole lot of heavy music either for that matter so hopefully there will be something that she likes.
  8. plastic_rainbow

    Xaa-Xaa has been making some increasingly interesting PVs! I enjoyed their recent one too! I was pretty crazy with PVs back then....even made a ton of gifs lol. There's a lot I can list just out of pure nostalgia. I feel like most PVs these days seem rather generic with little story. Also, I miss those fun oshare kei pvs when all the members were just having fun and fooling around? Some not so old favorites Not VK but I just remember liking the aesthetic/concept in this one a lot Also, why do I feel like a similar topic was already made?
  9. plastic_rainbow

    I don't update here anymore lol, but I recently drew a fanart of Lime from Kizu and thought people here might be interested. ^^ Done in watercolor on mixed media paper. I'm also taking commissions in this kind of style if anyone's interested......Check here for more info.
  10. plastic_rainbow

    That would be awesome, thanks!!
  11. plastic_rainbow

    You're damn right, I probably should, haha. I've had so many wrist pains, and even back pains, while working on projects for long hours. 😓
  12. plastic_rainbow

    Need an option for 'I try but fail miserably'. xD Luckily I have a job where I'm actively walking 8 hours a day. But when I'm not working I'm rather lazy. I try to do some stretches once in a while but it never lasts very long. Sometimes it depends on my current living situation or where I live. When I live in a bigger city I tend to go on walks more often. I jogged a few times during my last year at my old uni because I lived very near a running/biking trail (and I was also prepping for a 5K run, I've done two so far). My hometown is so small that I've grown rather bored of it, and also I don't wanna be seen by someone I might know when I'm out walking/jogging....but that could be just a dumb excuse. I wanna try more stretches and exercises to target areas or tone my body but there's so much I don't know that I just give up.....
  13. ^lime performed four songs and i believe that last one was new!
  14. plastic_rainbow

    When I have my own place I'd like to give it a shot! Other than that, my mom has plants everywhere around the house, lol. She keeps them in the basement during winter. 😄
  15. plastic_rainbow

    I recall having a short discussion about blood types with my Kanji teacher once when I was studying abroad and I wrote down notes on how she described each blood type. A - intelligent B - かわっている (weird, not right in the head) AB - crazy, usually artists O - open and outgoing I know there's more to it but I thought these brief descriptions were interesting and funny. I'm B-type btw, not sure about + or - though, and I originate from Southeast Asia. I'm not sure how I feel about being called "かわっている" but I AM pretty awkward lol.
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