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  1. fuyushita_risou

    My assumption is that Hizumi is very out of practice. He said before that he still is not completely healed, but I guess his doctor must have given him a go to sing again. So before they all have a big re-unification as D'espairsRay, Hizumi will slowly train himself for the stage again. So the music doesn't matter as much at the moment as does him standing on a stage again. I guess an announcement for a re-unification will come at the 9.9. either this year or the next two years All dates would be meaningful.
  2. fuyushita_risou

    I just read the email from cdjapan with the link to preorder the album, now I am crying. Did you all watch the youtube pv? It's awesome, though i am missing the piano, but maybe they will take someone in later on
  3. fuyushita_risou

    Crossfaith is a live band, they sound dull on recorded stuff, but on concerts its pure madness. I don't know how they are doing it, but the crowd just goes crazy. Yesterday was so awesome. I have a hard time listening to them on my laptop or mobile phone, but I would NEVER miss a concert. The energy is blasting you away. Madness was sticking out yesterday, as it is a more dancable song, with lesser heavier parts and break downs and all, but it still worked fine with the crowed and enjoyed it live a whole damn lot more. I mean, excuse me, they even can turn a soundcheck into a party XD
  4. crossfaith tomorrow~♪ and the fucking railway decided to strike~ ♪ i guess that's called Karma♫

  5. ...when you hear that your brother saw Yoshiki live, and didn't even know who he was.....best story of today

  6. fuyushita_risou

    Aye, see the reason why i suggested that is, that i first need to know that this is possible. I can't google search something if I don't know if it exists or not. And there are many people who don't know that this is possible (it took me 4 years to figure that out) A list of stores could be added. i would write that thing, the mods just need to say, yes we want that and when we have it we are gonna pin it. Otherwise it maybe won't make much sense.
  7. hey, i just wanted to ask if it would make sense to make a guide on how to purchase releases on the japanese itunes store through gift cards. I believe that a lot of people are unaware that this is definitly possible and easy to do. I just wondered if that would make sense or not. I hope this is not a totally stupid Idea and i just wasted a post
  8. fuyushita_risou

    /rolling eyes that's why i love mh so much, all these well informed people, that are in the scene for years and are up uptight about the tiniest details XD Well it would be a nice idea, and an interesting project. As i thought about it while writing there were a lot of ideas already in my head (like news sections, review sections, reccommendations, summaries of the latest discussions threads on mh etc, people could record stuff and then upload it to a dropbox, and another person could do the editing, etc, lots of ideas in minutes) the problem will be the time, as always (which scares me the most, if thinking about making this a thing)
  9. fuyushita_risou

    Japanese make music for the japanese music market. Why should they change that, when they still earn through it.Why go into a market that is dying off, and works completely different from what they are used to. The appeal of visual kei and jrock will never get really huge in the western world, in all the years I have listened to visual kei 90% of the people that I introduced to jrock disregarded the music, as it was not fitting their western taste and was too exotic (and I am only talking music wise, if I would have added photos or videos it wouldn't have only been disregard but rather I would have been bitched for it. Who of you hasn't heard the sentence "ieeek why are they dressing as girls,how disgusting.") It was a fad but it was only a fad for a certain niche of people. Anyway I am still using youtube heavily, and it still works, i am finding the stuff I want to find (even though I am from Germany and half the stuff is blocked through my own country and not through japanes copyright restrictions) Considering the question in the beginning why there is no fan community of youtube anymore;with all the changing of the music scene and the record labels, didn't youtube also change? Does youtube even want to be a platform which serves as a replacement for a music channel? I don't think so, youtube had too many problems with copyright restrictions. So what is the current trend on youtube? it is vblogging. And this is damn successful if you take for example the Green brothers (or the german le floid channel) And the Kpop fans are actually using that successfully. There is for example Eat your Kimchi (highly reccommend channel on korean culture) It is that successful that people even can earn money through it. And they DO discuss stuff there in the comments and have a strong community. And here is the deal, was there EVER a decent channel on visual kei or jrock music? Like music reviews, in depth discussions about artists and trends or anything? As far as i know there wasn't/isn't. But i strongly believe if there would be something similiar to this people would gather again, the music would get promoted and everyone would be happy (i can even imagine that the negative comments wouldn't be that obvious) Youtube wants fan-created content and promotes that fan-created content, they don't want people to upload stuff that leads to problems with copyright and issues and for the music stuff they give room to the record labels and big corporations so they can deal with what they upload or don't want upload (vevo i.e.) so here is the thing. Go with the trend, start vblogging and you get a jrock community on youtube again (this also could be a nice mh heaven project XD)
  10. fuyushita_risou

    sometimes I believe my perception of music is really different from you guys. Everything from lynch. after shadows sounded just the same for me. Like a blur. Even the Exodus EP which is praised so much just lines up with everything else. I managed to listen to it for a month, then I couldn't stand it anymore and went back to listen to lynch.'s older stuff again. I can't tell you one special song, which was so outstanding, perticular and special that I can name it. And for me Gallows was a step back from that repitivness. Maybe they overdid it with the breaks and everything and it's too much of a mash up, but AT LEAST it's different from inferiority complex and I believe in me. And maybe I sat my standards too low, but hey I enjoyed to listen to that album and got a lot of suprises I didn't expect. I have no idea of music production, and I also don't have high quality sound equipment (I don't even know if I would hear differences) so I can't say anything about that topic (though it would be a shame that a major label isn't able to produce and mix a solid sound). Anyway I believe it could have been much much worse and I see experiments and sometimes I get the feeling they tried to insert some of their roots, and it gives me hope that lynch. maybe will be able to find their creativity again.
  11. fuyushita_risou

    I wondered if there were other asexuals around here that listen to jrock music, because I need ace friends (you feel bloody lonely if you don't have anyone around who can understand that thing). And it's A LOT easier making friends if you share some common interests, right. So for all the people who don't know about asexuality, let me give you a short introduction: "An asexual person is a person who doesn't feel any kind of sexual attraction" Asexuality is a really broad spectrum. There are many different kinds of ways to live out asexuality, it ranges from people who can't stand being touched in anyway and could puke at the idea of having sex to people who randomly have sex out of various reasons (i.e. having a relationship with a sexual person, only being able to feel sexual attraction after having a strong emontional connection). But what all have in common is that asexuals see a person and that the thought "I want to have sex with that person" doesn't cross their mind. Nonthlessness asexuals can have a libido, feel arousal, masturbate, like hugging and kissing or holding hands. It also means they can experience love in all it's kind of shapes. Asexuals normally refer to this as romantic relationships which come in different kind of categories: heteroromantic, homoromantic, bi-/panromantic. Aromantics are people who normally don't lead any kind of relationship. Studies suggest that 1% of the human population can be considered as asexuals. I believe this is enough for a short introduction, if you have further interest in that topic you can refer to the avenWiki And I believe that many of you already came in contact with Asexuality through tumblr or some other site. Since we got that covered, it would be really nice if some of you want to share their stories with me (how they found out that their are asexuals or how they live out their asexuality) if there are some ace people around on this forum. and what I think is also a really interesting question, do you think that asexuals perceive visual kei differently from sexual people? I for my case think that there is a difference. Since I notice sometimes that I can't fangirl over musicians. I don't really care much for the looks and just go after the music (and if I care for the looks I do that in an aestehtic way, like watching an art piece) I am also sometimes disgusted by the lyrics if it evloves around sex (matenrou opera has some for example). so maybe you share some of your opinions of this
  12. fuyushita_risou

    Wohoooo, awesome, I never would have thought of removing 'search' in the address line. Thank you!
  13. fuyushita_risou

    It's not really a big problem, but maybe someone could find out if it's just me who has that problem or it's because of programming. If I want to go to the second site of this thread http://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/14423-album-selm-illegal-other-side-20120502/?hl=sel%26%2339%3Bm I am automatical redirected to this thread http://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/7-what-are-you-listening-to/#entry39 i wanted to check out if someone replied to the losless rip, but I can't because it won't open. Would be nice if someone could tell me if i need to fix my firefox. I apologize in advance if this isn't the right thread, or if I did any other mistake, by creating this post.
  14. fuyushita_risou

    First of all, there is still NO announcement for a gazette EU tour. They will play on a festival in russia, so they could also try an Asia tour. Or just go to that one festival and return. Whatever, still no announcement, that's the point! But you shouldn't forget Diru, they will be coming probably through gan-shin. They will play in Austria and UK from 14th - 16th June (the same that goes for gazette goes also for Diru naturally) With even these three bands (deathgaze, Dir en Grey and maybe gazette) it will be an eventful Jrock summer for Europe
  15. fuyushita_risou

    Nihahahaha, I am back and I am sooo damn happy today. The shock is gone, Muhahaha, this concert will seriously hurt so damn much, and after that I will feel like I crushed everything in my life that sucks. Muhahahah. Headbanging with Ai, yaaaay. So great. I will at least visit two gigs, but it could come down to three. I just hope their new album will be a lot like dead blaze single, creature didn't grow on me ^_____^ so kuhl hehe
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