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  1. I'm just so torn. Aggy left the band and DELUHI disbanded because they didn't feel like continuing without the full band members... Now Sujk and leda are together in FED, and now Juri and Aggy are together? So why not make a new band with all of them together? Is there bad blood between each other that they don't form a new band? Being in a band, even for the amount of time they were together forms some special bonds, you'd think when given the opportunity, they'd get back together under DELUHI again or a new band/style
  2. To be honest, it's gotten to the point where I don't even care if DELUHI never happens again because LEDA and Sujk in this band is my favorite thing and I really dig the clean and screams in this band
  3. Augie1995

    Yeah, constantly. Bands in progressive metal are always down to earth with the fans. My favorite band Periphery is so close to the group, I have constant messages, retweets, mentions, and likes on both facebook and Twitter from them. I've gotten responses from: Periphery Good Tiger Between The Buried and Me (tommy) Veil of Maya Protest The Hero Rest Among Ruins Intervals Plini Sithu Aye David Maxim Micic
  4. Augie1995

    Holy shit, that's gonna be so sick
  5. I've heard so much about the video and want to see it but I can't
  6. Great album title considering half of what will show up on that best of album won't be "brilliant"
  7. Augie1995

    Still waiting for a spot here...
  8. Dat new Haunted Shores EP has to be one of the better EPs of the year
  9. Augie1995

    What the fuck... Ruki is so on point here and that guitar solo!? It's a radio recording so it's pretty shit quality but nonetheless: https://www.facebook.com/1662232537356901/videos/1678830312363790/
  10. Augie1995

    Making of DOGMA but it's only available in Japan
  11. What the fuck Leda!? Playing a 7-string, and a strandberg-esque guitar with fanned frets no less? Sounds like he's been listening to some Monuments and TesseracT with that tone, definitely digging it!
  12. Augie1995

    Not to be picky, but "Auditory and Optical impression aren't back?" makes less sense than "Auditory and Optical Impression are back?" I think your phone's autocorrect saved you
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