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  1. carddass

    I do too for mercari and YJA but it's nice to be able to order directly from the distributors themselves when possible. It's cheaper and hopefully gives them a better impression of their international following. I didn't have any problems with shipping from Japan except maybe in March and April when things were really shut down everywhere causing massive delays. After that, I was getting packages from Japan like normal again. I guess I'm lucky here, I heard some nightmare stories from friends living in the US about packages taking forever to arrive.
  2. carddass

    I contacted zoisite directly via e-mail the other day to ask about Overseas orders and mentioned I am living in Germany. They said they could ship to me again and I've placed my order. So depending on which country you're in, they might be able to ship to you again.
  3. carddass

    As far as I know, most fans munimuni fans here don't live in Japan and don't get the CDs as soon as they come out so it might be a while before anyone listens to it. I watched the livestream of the release gig last week and the new song and covers sound good live. Also, zoisite restocked the CD ~ crisis averted moonies!
  4. carddass

    Looks like it's sold out from zoisite....I actually tried ordering it earlier today through Zenmarket when I could've sworn it was still in stock. They never contacted them in time though. Hopefully zoisite gets some more in stock. Would they really just produce this EP for a what I'm guessing is only a few hundred CD sales?!
  5. carddass

    I was going to take my time with ordering that one but now I really should get a jump on it and just pull the trigger.
  6. carddass

    Did it sell out at the gig!?
  7. carddass

    They are streaming the release gig tomorrow, Sept 9th, at twitcasting: https://twitcasting.tv/ikebukuro_chop/shopcart/23421 In typical munimuni fashion, the availability of viewing it as a livestream wasn't even promoted on twitter or anywhere. I just happened to stumble upon it while browsing through twitcasting's website.
  8. carddass

    Damn, that's unfortunate. I'll have to use a buying service for this one then ~_~ I don't think it'll sell out but who knows if they only printed these in limited numbers since they're only selling them at live gigs and at zoisite.
  9. carddass

    The new split single can now be ordered from zoisite. I haven't ordered from them in a while, do they do international orders? https://zoisite.shop-pro.jp/?pid=153744180
  10. carddass

    Wow, I'd be surprised if there is more than one fan trying to get this coveted ticket. It's a cool idea but are there fans out there who will pay that much for munimuni? Reading the translation makes it even more hilarious. Kanon is quite renowned for his visual kei knowledge, hence his constant use of those buzzwords and key phrases copy and pasted from all of the early VK bands throughout muni's lyrics and flyers, but he sure does know how to make fun of it too like with this "Premium sofa" or "Dinner show" stuff here.
  11. carddass

    I think that's what it exactly is. The ultimate social distancing gig. Just you alone with the band! I find it hilarious and I wonder if anyone will take them up on the offer. Here's my quick and dirty translation of the perks with question marks for things that aren't 100% clear to me -Gifts (eraser, penceil, signboard) -Premium sofa shot/ photo (?) -Get to sing along to the choruses with your own mic -A dinner show comprising of food bought at convenience stores (?) -Get to record the show (?) -Get the show recorded and put into a bluray case (?) -Your name in the booklet of the new album in 2021 -Get to hear the new songs as they're being recorded (?)
  12. carddass

    Wow, I really haven't liked or even listened to much of his music after 2006 or 2007 and that Youtube channel is ridiculous. Does he even make new music anymore? Or is he just getting sponsors and tie-ins so he can be a full time celebrity?
  13. carddass

    I hope not either....but traditionally they've never really sold anything on their website so I'm guessing they'll just be distributing through Disk Union again. And munimuni will be performing tomorrow, August 11th, with the gods and death star. There's a two week archival viewing period so you'll have plenty of time to download the stream: https://twitcasting.tv/ikebukuro_chop/shopcart/19096 Also on Thursday, Kamui will be participating in a session band event. I believe he's in Luna Mattino. Only the 8/13 show will be streamed, 8/14's gig will not. Furthermore, the archival view of 8/13 won't be available until 8/18 for some reason: https://twitcasting.tv/ikebukuro_chop/shopcart/16783
  14. carddass

    If I understood correctly, this will be 6 song CD that will be released for sale at gigs first and with online ordering to be planned at a later date. Each band will record their own version of 'Ghost of Romance', which was originally composed by munimuni, and then each will cover a song from another band. Here are three songs mentioned in the flyer: brand new world (emmuree) Beat for you (munimuni) love less (101A)
  15. carddass

    I caught it and they were mostly all new songs: ◎ 1.地獄(NEW SONG) (jigoku) 2.ストレンジデイス (Strange Days) 3.幻のキノコ (maboroshi no kinoko) 4.揺れる影絵 part 1 (yureru kage part 1) ---M SEA--- 5.薔薇色の君へ (barairo no kimi he) 6.20021 (20021)
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