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  1. Karma’s Hat

    come back bro we all miss u
  2. Karma’s Hat

    Something in the drumming as well I reckon? I dare not inspect the matter more closely, lest I'd get turned off from this band for good.
  3. Karma’s Hat

    Ten years ago when we had the pig flu epidemic they rolled out a vaccine that ended up triggering narcolepsy on kids who had a genetic predisposition for it. So with that in mind, the chances of me getting a vaccine that they're just dying to put out there in the market in order to keep capitalism functioning for fat rich people and and save a few old folks from dying, is, quite frankly, 0. Under no circumstance would I get it.
  4. Karma’s Hat

    This one reminds me of the Ash remake in general, and I dislike both of them in equal measure.
  5. Karma’s Hat

    I despise the new Clever Sleazoid. They didn't do anything I wanted them to do with it: I was hoping the guitar wailing from the original would've been the emphasised, but instead it's absent (and even the chugs are mixed low in general.) The vocal track in the original single version sounds like it's one take, in here when Kyo changes styles it sounds like a different track entirely. The slow part I would've liked to just linger on a little with some more Kyo opera and guitar effects, and instead the song was kept fast just breezing through all its parts. The A-side is fine for a retirement home deg single when you don't think about how about ten years ago every time they released a new single they pretty much changed the game up. This is maybe my favorite A-side from them since Rinkaku*. oh yeah forgot about world of mercy. I can't pick which one I like better.
  6. Karma’s Hat

    taste notes: mid period chelsea grin, TOXIC era gazette vocal melodies, no budget home studio sound and a dozen packets of instant ramen warmed over the heat radiating off the macbook battery.
  7. They don't have a whole lot of vk left in their sound. I mean it's been going towards this direction for a while and it's already been a while sing their occasionally really vk sounding first album. I wonder what's their target demo these days. And the song is fine, whatever. Maybe I'm already so used to how they sound that I take them for granted, but I think Jiluka and even Dexcore have a lot more personality. This is like, a tiny nudge away from being so western that I'd just rather listen to that.
  8. Karma’s Hat

    imoo that's not even the reason. they've been doing separate things for a while now, and Koichi's all in on Trembling Bambi/using it as a front to get into VIP rooms and get a kickback from the club from all the bottles he makes the ladies buy him.
  9. Karma’s Hat

    considering how little you see koichi and genki together now that seems very unlikely
  10. Even when though Mejibray was already losing steam and having shrinking attendance and a lack of ambition, their disbandment was catastrophic to everyone involved, especially MiA's liver.
  11. Karma’s Hat

    Well I feel bad for the joke because the riffs in here are like all I want from vk rn to be honest
  12. Karma’s Hat

    This band is about overproduced chugs & dank breakdowns with autotuned metalcore choruses. The chances of them going away from that and staying heavy are about as good as zero.
  13. Karma’s Hat

    I was walking home late night with the missus in torrential rain when we saw a woman's handbag lying bare on the street. For about three seconds we had the idea of taking a look inside in case it would have anything therein to identify its owner if someone had accidentally lost it, but almost immediately I notice that there's all kinds of junk discarded all over the street: pens, basically an entire women's wardrobe, memorabilia and everything else you'd have in a room where someone lived in. There were numerous people observing what was going on in the balconies of the building where the stuff had been thrown out of, and that's when I realised that it was probably a domestic dispute that had woken up the entire neighborhood. When we took a few steps to right to see if anything else would transpire it was as if on cue that a cop car with three firetrucks arrive at the scene; they get about doing their whole thing with flashlights and separate teams of two to three people entering the building from different entrances while an inflatable platform is set up in front of the building in case someone was to jump off a balcony or the roof. It was about as dark as it could get in a city that's lit more or less around the clock by a menagerie of different artificial light sources, but nonetheless the silhouette of the roof of the building was in shrouded in darkness where only after a few minutes of staring at it, you could make out a character sitting there kind of apprehensively leaning of the edge without a whole lot of commitment. It was pretty sad to look at when I started thinking about the whole episode of throwing out some person's things from the balcony and then probably after a couple drinks being like 'fuck it, imma jump," and then by the time your up there already knees deep in this grand gesture, you have everyone living in the block starting at you with three firetrucks below with megaphones and all making into a such a scene that if I wasn't full regrets before, now I'd definitely want to be burying my head in the sand somewhere far off in the desert (or alternatively, in the bottom of a bottle.) While we were looking at the whole thing to see if he'll jump or not, a wandering and a very chatty middle aged alcoholic in white slacks and wet, greasy hair manages to surprise us from the behind, so naturally we had to politely listen to what he had to say. About a day ago he was on his way from the bank where he had withdrawn 10 000 zloty for his wife until he was surprised by a rowing gang of thieves who then proceeded to relieve him of his wife's cash. Ever since he has been too embarrassed to return home to deal with the scolding, and that's why he's now going around the streets drinking the time away and trying to come up with something, and he'd appreciate it greatly if we could help him to a few coins so he'd get a beer for himself. Unfortunately we didn't have cash with us, or a lot of enthusiasm to help him out for that matter, so he had to keep on going. Before that he asked if there was any advice for him, and when she told him to "tell the truth maybe?" He just remarked that it won't do, after which we got kisses on the cheek and off he went. By this time the man on the roof had disappeared back into the building and the emergency workers were packing things up. The last thing I saw was our friend trying to excavate the bag we first saw laying on the ground, probably for some cash, and an angry fireman chasing him off from looting the anonymous lady's belongings.
  14. Karma’s Hat

    but yoko ono does have two kids
  15. Karma’s Hat

    Punk is in visual kei's DNA and that's why the vocals in vk are often if not always at least in part stylised and the emphasis isn't on technical ability but in the performance. The genre itself is long and storied at this point with fads coming and going, so sometimes when it takes influence from different genres it adapt to its new needs in the way its performed, so some dudes sing "better" like the people trying to do X power ballads or anthemic metalcore choruses, and some sing "worse" like idk the most obvious hardcore punk influenced examples like Piass and ANTI FEMINISM or something. They're trying to do different things. The reason why guys like Ruki and Kyo* sound, or sounded in Ruki's case, rough and stylised is because they're from a different era when the emphasis on technical ability wasn't what it is and was in metal in the west around that time, while guys from newer metalcore bands from a completely different era like Jiluka, Dexcore, Nokubura that are influenced by different bands are at the very least on par if not better than many of their American colleagues from the bands very successful in their style like BMTH, Of Mice and Men, Chealsea Grin etc. because the emphasis is now on the vocalist's technical ability like it is in the rest of the genre in the west. Basically tl;dr vk does what it wants to do and it performs at the level of an American Idol finalist, Kpop schlager belter or some other circus bear on an unicycle trying to woo the masses to consume more product by jumping through fiery hoops at the crack of the corporate whip when it wants to, but more often than not it doesn't because it's main objective as music isn't to do that. Then of course there's legions and legions of music from all genres in Japan with exceptionally skilled people involved, but the people still using the Jrock tag pretty much ignore everything that isn't vk and ONE OK ROCK. Even if you go searching for vk as a newbie you'll be encountered by a pretty significant bias for newer bands and especially a bias for the more vaguely metal sounding bands from western vk boom years in favor of bands that are really new like the ones I mentioned prior or the older classics. In the early vk scene more than a few bands have very skilled vocalists like La'Cryma Christi, Luna Sea and even L'arc. * Personally I'll never forget the time when they were trying to make it in the west and all the paid mainstream reviewers started ooing and aaing about the Japanese Mike Patton. Kyo sounds and always sounded, vk as fuck.
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