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  1. madygrain

    Fear and specially Utsusemi do indeed channel their Nippon Crown days. Ink itself really sits well with the other two A sides from the other last two singles before the hiatus. I really understimated how good it felt to have them back, even if Yomi isn't really up there. Hopefully when a new album releases he's better and they can do some retakes here and there. EDIT: My CD just arrived M1 and M3 are Sakito's whyle M2 is Ruka's, although it was pretty easy to tell. It's interesting how Yomi credits have vanished from all of their most recent works. For some reason he hasn't wrote Nightmare Lyrics now. The record label, as stated previously on other threads is Little Hearts. Distribution is done by Happinet big distribution/media corp with ties to anime production too. That is interesting because Jakigan Meister's lastest single, Halcyon, was handled entirely by HPR, the Avex subsidiary they were in. Either their contract expired altogether or somenthing funny happened. It would be interesting if Sakito/Jakigan was an Avex artist while Nightmare, Gremblins, LSN, Bull Field and Take No Break are independent. Also wonder how being handled by Little Hearts can influence their music from now on, if it does.
  2. New Giazizm song performed live in feb this year doesn't sound half bad
  3. madygrain

    I don't get it
  4. He has been medically diagnosed with vocal chords dysphonia, he has no choice but to sound like that until his control over his chords gets better which is not guaranteed at all
  5. Expected more, Yomi's (lack of) range brings a song I could like into something that probably doesn't shine like it should. It's sad he is physically unable to get back to where he was performance wise.
  6. I ordered like 1 month ago from cdj they still have it lol with 10 and all
  7. he reuined AOT openings forever with his stupid song please release an album
  8. madygrain

    I had the chance to order it as soon as it was available but 7000JPY is just too much. Even if it's this special and rare. So price is clearly a deterrent. And really like both bands. But I can't do it.
  9. madygrain

    Was expecting a hector announcement. What a shame.
  10. madygrain

  11. JAME had some new info not showing up anywere else afaik
  12. madygrain

    wait the deadman x cali gari disc is live limited? shit
  13. I preordered it as it was announced. Talking about nightmare and showing exitement about it is useless because it never leads to an interesting or constructive conversation.
  14. madygrain

  15. Nice, at least they get in the studio
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