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  1. AkatsukiYami6

    Unplugged Show : http://www.redbullstudios.com/tokyo/videos/crystal-lake-in-hearts-wake-specialunplugged-show Really good !
  2. Their last album will be release in LP VINYL on 2016/03/02. Like Cubes LP VINYL before, a download card, with two acoustic songs, wil be add. -Tracklist LP- 1. Astra 2. Prometheus 3. Matrix 4. Mercury 5. Dreamcatcher 6. The Sign 7. New Romancer 8. Hades 9. Body Movin' 10. Sleep Awake -Download Card- 1. Mercury 2. Dreamcatcher
  3. 4th full album name : Feeling of Unity
  4. AkatsukiYami6

  5. AkatsukiYami6

    Anyone know who is the girl who sings on several songs of APOCALYZE ?
  6. hay buddy you've got the latest album NeverLost?? I'm still looking for that album and until now Keith also find him if you have any???

  7. AkatsukiYami6

    There is new information on their website, but I'm not sure I understood... Apparently, from today, we can listen the new song Step of Terror on this website: http://recochoku.jp/artist/30069043/ But I can't find it... If someone understands this information.
  8. AkatsukiYami6

    I don't like the cover... they have already used the same style on ZION.
  9. AkatsukiYami6

    Trailer for the DVD/BD 「The Animals in Screen」 : And finally, the cover:
  10. AkatsukiYami6

    The band TRANSLATIONS (formerly Black Dog Barks) will released their first mini album STORM CHASER on June 12th. Tracklist: 1. Superhate (featuring Ryo from CRYSTAL LAKE) 2. Motion 3. Storm Chaser 4. I'm Stuck Here 5. Into the Void 6. One Way Mirror (Album Version) You can watch their first PV for the song Storm Chaser. They have already released a Demo and a Single that you can listen on their Bancamp. (http://translations-band.bandcamp.com/) Official website: http://www.translations-band.com/
  11. AkatsukiYami6

    Yeah, a new PV song!
  12. AkatsukiYami6

    Nice! Good guest vocals!
  13. AkatsukiYami6

    The band will release a new single THE REVIVAL on May 22nd. NEW SINGLE THE REVIVAL 2013/05/22 Tracklist: 1. The Revival 2. The Proof 3. The Ark Sailing Over Truth (BETA Dnbmix) 4. The Revival (JaQwa Remix) http://www.ashleyscaredthesky.com/
  14. AkatsukiYami6

    They will released a new EP (FOR) LORN on April 24th. NEW EP (FOR) LORN 2013/04/24 Tracklist: 1. Deliverance 2. Dead Dust 3. Icons 4. Go on 5. Decline 6. Farewell Disorder http://beforemylifefails.com/
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