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  1. TheTrendkiller

    I actually think they just want to separate this experimental project from the official releases of the band. Maybe they don't want to risk their Spotify account by this farming. Maybe they want sperated analysis of their revenue stream. Not sure how good the Spotify revenue analytics system is.
  2. TheTrendkiller

    I wish I had friends
  3. TheTrendkiller

    I did a quick google search and this came up Kyô -> Nishimura Hironori (in Japanese 西村 宏則) Toshiya -> Hara Toshimasa (in Japanese 原 敏政) Kaoru -> Niikura Kaoru (in Japanese 新倉 薫) Die -> Andô Masaru (in Japanese 安東 大) Shinya -> Terachi Shinya (in Japanese 寺地 晋也)
  4. TheTrendkiller

    I guess they really like slow melodramatic ballads, huh? I mean, it's a good song but it's basically Obscurial Pt.2 I was hoping for something a little different than what we already heard from them. We know they can do slow and they can do fast songs.... why not try a slightly shorter and medium tempo track next. Anyway, maybe it's just me 🤪 The song is still very good for what it is. I really like his voice and the overall atmosphere. Also the guitar solo is very flashy and a nice contrast to the slow pace. Looking forward to more. Thumbs up 👍
  5. TheTrendkiller

    Imo Arche is probably the worst recording in their catalogue. I can't handle all the reverb that make it sound like they're playing in a church. Shinya's snare is ear wrecking. They even managed to top DSS in terms of bad recording/mixing/production/whatever. Compared to Arche I feel like TIW is very well done, especially for the metalcore-ish sound that they were going for. It's not great but it definitely can hold up against other bands in the same range of music
  6. TheTrendkiller

    Wish they chose a different song title but oh well, I'm still stoked to see what's coming next
  7. TheTrendkiller

    What's wrong with the original recording?
  8. TheTrendkiller

    I really like the "Ochita Koto no Aru Sora" title track. It's probably my favourite single since "Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami". Although the slow parts could have been longer, it's just a baller track and exactly what I was looking for after TWOM. If I want to show a friend a "Dir en grey 2020" song, this will be the one. Don't really care too much for the Clever Sleazoid remake, it's solid but kind of bland. Basically it's in line with most of their remakes, not bad but not a real improvement over the originals either. The changed lyrics are a little weird, too. Just means I can't sing along under the shower anymore. The live track, well... it's a live track. Not much to say. (P.S.: Don't buy the amazon music version, it's in 256kb/s lol. Not DEG's fault but still a wtf moment)
  9. TheTrendkiller

    I'm just guessing here so if I'm right or wrong, it's not important to me Maybe the others know something which I don't, so I'll just wait for the official bandscore to show up. Until then I'll play it the way I think it's correct😁
  10. TheTrendkiller

    I wasn't talking about songs being in a specific key, just about the Drop C# guitar tuning from WTD era ( C# / A# / C# / F# / A# / D# ). So we're talking about different things here
  11. TheTrendkiller

    I just noticed why the song sounds so familiar. It's because the intro guitar riff is in the same guitar tuning as WTD, TMOAB and UROBOROS. If you compare the intro riff to songs like Dozing Green then you will hear the similarity. It's because the lowest note is C#. So how do they play the even lower chorus riff? I actually think that they completely changed their guitar tuning for this song. IMO they now use 7 string guitars where the lowest string is tuned to G# and then they have their "old" Drop C# 6 string guitar tuning on top. So either this is completely new or I wasn't aware of it yet but doing it totally makes sense to me. Now they can basically play any song of that era without having to switch guitars back and forth. Not sure why didn't do that earlier tbh
  12. TheTrendkiller

    Where did you get that info from? Tbh I'm pretty fine with them not giving everything out for free (aka streaming). There should at least be a small reason to actually go and spend your money on it
  13. Am I right to assume there will be more "snippet-albums" like this one? If so, what's everyones guess which song will be remade next in the "Ambient Collection" ?
  14. TheTrendkiller

    At first I had conflicting feelings about this blatant cashgrab. On the one hand I felt like they were diluting the Dir en grey name by putting out something of low quality. On the other hand I like the idea because I was already streaming their Spotify discography on repeat anyways. Now I can support them even more efficiently than before. So I guess I'm kind of indifferent ...
  15. TheTrendkiller

    Thanks for this. Sounds pretty good 🥰
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