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  1. Purlpi

    故に、摩天楼 - MUCC
  2. Purlpi

    I should had read this before my trip to Japan, especially hack #2 and #10 (My friend and I had to leave BUCK-TICK and THE ORAL CIGARETTES' lives earlier to reach the last shinkansen on time because we couldn't find a good alternative to stay...), but anyway, thank you for all the amazing information! And thank you for the alternative for TicketCamp. I just wanted to share some things regarding the comments I read. I went to some kind of "big venues" (medium at least) and they didn't check my bag before entering. I went to Makuhari Messe Event Hall and they didn't check our bags to the point that one friend had all the candies we gave her a few hours ago in her bag and I had a bottle of water that I forgot to left in the cloak. It also happened at Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Nagoya. The only venue in which the staff were checking bags was the Honda no mori Hall (in Kanazawa), but it was because they were checking if someone has a camera (it was B-T's live), but it was the only case in the 6 shows I attended. Also, before going to Japan, some friends told me that Japanese fans are so rude and mean (in general). One friend specifically told me to be careful with VAMPS fangirls. I was somehow scared because I had the unpleasant experience of seeing some of that crazy fans that follow the band around the world being so rude and agressive to be on the first rows in my country (and here we are rude at lives! lol) and I attended to VAMPS' Halloween event waiting the worst. But... they were the nicest ones. Also I saw MUCC twice during my visit and one of the gya recognized me (it wasn't that difficult actually, lol) in the second live I went and she smile at me and said "hello" before going into mosh with me. Weird and nice, I somehow felt like home. I think the only thing I hated were those damn crowd-surfers.
  3. Purlpi

    Yo siempre llego bien tarde cuando reviven este post. Más lenta imposible 😣 Pero qué genial ver a tanto hispanohablante por acá Y qué horrible lo de Argentina. Eso explica por qué una amiga no pudo mandarle unos CD a un chico de allá. Está jodido el asunto...
  4. Angelo, LACK-CO, Versailles/Jupiter/Kamijo (hell, it's the same boring sound), Golden Bomber, THE SOUND BEE HD, Synk;yet (actually all of Starwave Record's artist, except Calmando Qual), SuG.
  5. Purlpi

    D'espairsRay (I bought it signed), Versailles (without Masashi or Jasmine You, they signed me just before Masashi became official) and DIR EN GREY ("hand-signed"? They signed it just before the M&G). I also have VAMPS stuff hand-signed and one from an anisong singer (which I got as a gift), but they aren't vk, lol.
  6. I need to see Polkadot Stingray live. 大正義 is pretty cool!

  7. Purlpi

    Gracias por intentar revivir el thread! ;w; He estado bien out por el trabajo, pero dado que mi trabajo paga cosas de Jmusic, pues ni modo (?). Yo tengo la suerte de vivir en la Ciudad de México (o como le llamábamos antes: Distrito Federal), y además trabajo en un medio de prensa, así que he ido a varios conciertos como fan y a otros como prensa. Como fan he visto a BLOOD (bueno, fue "por accidente" más bien y no por fan), Miyavi, Versailles, X JAPAN, DIR EN GREY (2 veces), ONE OK ROCK, Kanon Wakeshima, VAMPS (2 veces), Jupiter y BAND-MAID (a este último más que como fan, fui por curiosidad). Por trabajo he visto a Masami Okui, Kaya, An Cafe, LiSA, SCANDAL, girugamesh, Eir Aoi, Kalafina, ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D, Ladybeard (¿contará?) y °C-ute. Hay algunos conciertos ya anunciados para México este año, pero aún no sé si ir pues este año viajo a Japón y planeo ir a conciertos allá. So far tengo planeado (y ya incluidos en mi itinerario) ir a ver a THE ORAL CIGARETTES, BUCK-TICK, exist trace, Linkin Park+ONE OK ROCK y si se anuncia la Halloween Party de VAMPS de este año, pues también Quiero incluir más, pero eso implica trabajar más y sin descanso, así que ya veré. Cruzo los dedos para que MUCC haga gira en las fechas que voy, porque me los perdí la vez que vinieron a México y vivo arrepentida por ello. Yo tengo otra pregunta para ustedes: ¿Cómo fue que empezaron a escuchar Jmusic?
  8. Purlpi

    My package finally arrived today!!! MUCC - CLASSIC [Limited Edition w/DVD] MUCC - CLASSIC [Anime Edition] VAMPS - INSIDE OF ME [Limited Edition w/DVD] VAMPS - MTV UNPLUGGED [Limited Edition DVD + SHM-CD]
  9. Purlpi

    Mary's Blood - Grayish World
  10. Purlpi

    I got some replies from some artist in Twitter (random and serious questions/comments) in the past years: - HIZUMI (ex. D'espairsRay). He even wrote "Hola" once. - Kazuya (THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S) - Tsukasa (Mogamigawa Tsukasa/THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S) always wish his fans a happy birthday if you ask. - Masato (defspiral) answered a random question about tequila lol - SHUN. (THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S) - Noriyuki (fade) - Nimo (A/TMH4N'S) liked a comment I wrote to him in FB and SHUN. (TMH4N'S) randomly liked a post I shared on my personal FB. - Masato (defspiral) liked two of my pictures (non-Jmusic related) in Instagram. Weird. - Long time ago The Underneath's MySpace replied to my messages. I don't remember who replied, and I don't even remember my account there to check lol. - I used to talk with Tsukasa (TMH4N'S) on pigg-life a few years ago. He used to teach his fans Japanese and we teached them some English and Spanish. - Aaaaand Zero (D'espairsRay/TMH4N'S) once tweeted that he has the Mexican football team's t-shirt that some friends and I sent to him. Not so related to the topic, but yeah.
  11. Purlpi

  12. Purlpi

  13. Purlpi

    Uh, mi fanatismo por D'espa me delata everywhere xD Pues ¡bienvenida por acá! ¡Tu español es bastante bueno! No conozco foros similares a MH en español, sólo hay grupos en Facebook o páginas donde se habla de música japonesa. Pero está JaME en su versión en español, ahí puedes leer noticias y reportajes de música japonesa: http://jame-world.com/mx/
  14. Purlpi

    No, I have to admit that I haven't tried with classic essentials. When I started learning French (3 years ago) some friends recommended me directly Kyo, Superbus and Indochine (since they colaborate with Placebo, so yeah...), but I haven't checked more. This is my first attempt to look for more French artists. But it's never too late to hear that classic ones, right? So I will check the ones you mention. Thanks! And thank you all for your recomendations. I'm into pop as well, so thanks @beni. And well @eiheartx, it's such a shame that most of the bands are dead already, but I have to admit that I'm glad that AqME continue. From the file that @Dark Kinma kindly uploaded, I loved AqME so much (Vegastar and MyPollux too!).
  15. Purlpi

    Oh God, I totally forgot Indila. Her voice is amazing. Thank you so much, Dark Kinma, I'm downloading the songs. I'll check the file and, for now, all your recommendations. So far I like Vegastar a lot.
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