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  1. Clover_Style

    sorry,i dont know a concrete link. i surf to many different websites to find informations about boogieman. perhaps you should do it too!? by the way,most informations are in japanese (not english) because boogieman is a japanese band.
  2. Clover_Style

    @where can I find the sources? japanese websites
  3. Clover_Style

    You really dont know Kirito? it's the Senior of Junno. He is the Vocalist of Angelo and Ex Pierrot.
  4. Clover_Style

    i understand you. but remember Akira's Words,he said once that boogieman will change their direction with the new vocalist. and about Junno's Performance: everybody knows that this was only the result of his antidepressant (please dont misunderstand me,i respect Junno but he has really a lot problems.) we have to accept boogieman with Shu or we should not listen to them. thats my opinion...
  5. Clover_Style

    to be honest,Junno was not the best vocalist. everyone calling him "unique" but being "unique" means not to be a good singer. BTW: Kirito has nearly the same voice. so,what is "unique" about Junnos Voice??? he is 34 years old and sings like a Visual Newbie. (although there are many singers who are a lot better) Shu is 22 Years old and i think his Voice is very good for his age. besides,around 6 months ago nobody cares about boogieman and nobody was thinking that Junno has a ULTRA GREAT Voice. its the same with Daisuke. after his death, everybody get interested in Daisuke. after Junnos Depature,everybody get interested in Junno. cant understand it.
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