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  1. One the greatest modern day power/speed metal titans releasing their 11th album in December. And I already own all Iron Savior albums Looks like I already know what I wanna for Christmas.
  2. futoshi92

    Recently I've been having a lot of appreciation for Walls of Jericho I admit I'm more fan of cleaner and more melodic sound, but there is so much charm in fierce and raw era with Kai Hansen
  3. futoshi92

  4. futoshi92

    Great point! When color theory and sense of aestethics are your best freinds, one can design so much adorable, colorful and eye pleasing furry characters. And I speak it as someone who graduated graphic design. Aside my fursona, I have a few OCs as well, which include a coffee coloured fox, lotus flower lynx and azure-blue Tibetan flag inspired snow leopard Not only it can look wholesome, but one you see a fursuit of such character, I can't imagine not wanting to hug it ❤️ As I'm an artist too, this helped me find some crative approach to the character design. Thank you for your thoughts and I understand The fandom is roughly 1/3 bi, 1/3 gay and other 1/3 straight. That itself is pretty curious question. I've seen various approaches, some people just are into art, some love the idea of fursuits. But from my POV since furries are in general accepting and open community (boundaries exist, but still), and autistic and LGBT+ people definetly tend to feel marginalized and alienated, they discover a fandom with like-minded people, this is what brings them in the first place. I wanna say it as someone in the autism spectrum and at one point in my life I did question my sexuality. Also I went through a lot of horrible experiences with my peers as a kid and teen, just don't wish to speak in depth about it 😕 The warm, fluffy atmosphere from the art and furcons, which me and many other furries have felt really brought a lot of light to their lives. It doesn't apply to entire fandom, but a good portion off furries joined the fandom that way, combined with love for anthro animals, which at many points we've seen in our childhood cartoons. As for the art, like I already said, I am a furry artist. What really appeals to me is how expressive it is, and the unvierse that is created behind that, which can resemble something like in Zootopia. Still, I hope I explained it in clear way Also there has been a documentary made about the furry fandom, mostly telling about it's history and what makes some people become furries. To anyone has time and interest, I highly reccommend watching it! 😁 D'awww, thank you so much 😍 Always great to hear it from different perspective. I attend to local anime cons and I always had so much respect for cosplayers. I've seen cosplayers hugging, admiring the fursuiters and taking selfies with them. Trust me, a lot of us are into anime If things go good, I do plan to commission a fursuit soon enough or make one myself with some assistance As for mass media, it is sad that they paint all furries as sexual degenerates. But on the other hand they hardly ever potrayed anything on geeky side in good light. We have yearly furry conventions, one in Gdańsk, Poland named Gdakon and we've managed to make a really nice impression on hotel staff. Same with the largest furcon in Europe - Eurofurence in Berlin (I was at 2019 edition). EDIT: Oh, and how could I forget one thing. At the furcons we make one hell of great room and dance parties. Pun very much intended - we really are party animals 😎 In the end it doesn't matter if we're anime fans, sci-fi fans or belong to any music subculture, decency 101 is still important
  5. futoshi92

    On this thread I wanna share with you guys my thoughts and personal experience with a community, I am part of. Namely furries. I've discovered and joined the furry fandom in 2009/10, when I was in early high school. What has drawn me into it was the amazing art, cute fursuits and conventions/gatherings with very a friendly atmosphere. But let's start with my personal history. I'm gonna try to keep it brief. Ever since I was a kid, there was a lot of interest and appeal to me in cartoon animal characters. Growing up with cartoons such as Looney Tunes, Animaniacs and a lot of Disney Dreamworks and Don Bluth movies contributed to that a lot. Many cartoon characters, I've had a crush on were anthropomorphic animals. This all happened when the Internet wasn't nearly as popular as then. When I've accidently found DeviantArt around 2009, I've discovered a lot of gorgeous furry and non-furry art, which not only encouraged me to start drawing, but made me realize there I wasn't the only one taking interest in that particular theme The major aspect of furry fandom, I take part in is creating art, which brought me here in my first place. I've made a separate thread on MH with my art BTW Back of the topic majority of furries, depict their walking and talking animal version of an alter-ego called "a fursona", giving them a lot of personal traits. I.e. mine is a long haired red fox named Kentaro, design inspired by Japanese mythology, heavy metal and 80s/early 90s visual kei. Also the name is derived from Gargoyle guitarist. The art themes can range from modern world to fantasy, ancient times to cyberpunk, etc. Although just a simple picture of their fursonas is prefered. I also was an art vendor at Dealers Den at Polish furry con called Gdakon 2019, and this is what most of us were drawing. Another popular thing are fursuits, which is basically cosplay of a furry characters. If professionally done they can be incredibly cute and huggable Although fursuits may seem very common at first, only 15-20% of furries own a fursuit. Mostly due to price, which is caused by efforts and material buying. Now, I don't have a fursuit yet, but plan to get one in the future 😄 Aside what I've mentioned, I've personally felt very welcome in the fandom, since it's very accepting towards LGBTQ+ or people with Autism Spectrum. Both make large portion of the fandom. Also furries raised and donated a lot of money for animal shelters and as a help for Australia after the recent bushfires. But just like with any other community there is a dark side of it. The most common is over-sexualization. While I see furry porn as a follow to rule 34, no different than hentai, I strongly believe it shouldn't be a face of the fandom by any means. Something that people need to keep to themselves, unless asked for on nsfw social media accounts. Other awful parts, included cases of animal abuse, destruction of the property or creepiness in chats and conventions Now, those aren't at all inherent to the fandom, just being a piece of s**t. Luckily I witnessed people who commited such thing were being ostracized from the fandom. To put it up, yes, it is weird and unusual to a lot of people for understandable reasons, it has it's problems to fix, but that still doesn't prevent from following basic decency. Regardless everything, I have a lot to thanks to the furry culture for shaping me and it'll stay close to my heart forever ❤️ Maybe anyone else on MH is a furry as well? If you have any questions or something to discuss, I'll gladly answer Negative points are welcome too, just keep it civil.
  6. futoshi92

    Forgot to mention Better then Raw being my another favourite albums. One of their most straightforward ones. Thanks for the reminder 😄 I went to Pumpking United live in Warsaw back in 2017, and Kai Hansen rocked the crowd with "Ride the Sky" and "Heavy Metal is the Law". I still agree it's kinda sad nothing has been going in with Gamma Ray. How long it's been since Empire on The Undead? New Years Eve with Kai Hansen? Oh, man, that's awesome! 🤩 I am a CD collector myself and I own most of Helloween albums with Deris and I even have a Keeper Part 1 copy on a casette tape. Also kinda off-top, but did you know Kai's son, Tim, is playing in a band called Induction? Kai Hansen even sang in one of the songs in the last year's debut album
  7. Let's talk about one of the biggest titans of melodic power metal - Helloween! Or as I like to call them in a joking manner: X-Germany! Or maybe X Japan is the Japanese Helloween? Who knows?! Rocking since 1984, he band has went through a lot of changes from raw and agressive Walls of Jericho, to speedy and humorous iconic Keeper of the Seven Keys duo with Kiske on vocals, ending at modern sounding albums with Andi Deris, that is in the band to this day. My personal favourite albums aside Keepers, are Master of the Rings, Dark Ride and Straight out of Hell. I think their current Pumpkins United era with Deris, Kiske and Hansen performing together is an absolute win! I've often heard Helloween plans to make an album with all three vocalists. Although this has been promised since the late 2017, hope it eventually gonna happen 😄 Any other Pumpkinheads here on MH?
  8. futoshi92

    I've just finished the good old Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Not for the first time, though, just to refresh the memories There's a HD mod to be released on Steam very soon. If you already onw it on Steam it's for free. And I know it's going to be badass! Other than than I'm awaiting for Ghostrunner and CoD: Black Ops Cold War!
  9. futoshi92

    Technically it was a retweet, not a response, but here we go! Last year I've drawn a digital artwork inspired by latest Gyze's album "Asian Chaos". As I posted it on Twitter, Ryoji has liked and retweeted it. To this day I can't describe how honoured I felt 🤩
  10. futoshi92

    The title may look a bit confusing. Just for clarification "Kentaro" is my artist nickname that I use on social media. I've derived it from Gargoyle guitarist, Kentaro Yokota. I just happened to come up with it after I joined MH 😅 Anyway, I'm just a furry artist. My artstyle is inspired from Disney and Chuck Jones, but recently I've been thinking about implementing some manga elements to it. I do digital art (mostly Paint Tool SAI and recently CSP), as well as traditional (promarkers), just need do more the later ones. I actually wanted to share my art here many years ago, but I just felt I wasn't good enough. And my drawings from back then looked nothing like I do today. Now my skills improved a lot, so you can enjoy it now! 😄 For now most of my art is made of furries, but I'm trying to practice humans as well, as I genuinely wanna draw some J-rockers and J-metallers! 😎 Also my DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/kentaroflamepaw
  11. futoshi92

    I saw Band Maid live in Warsaw way back in 2016. Great to see they're still around kicking ass! January? Well, looks like I already have my 1st album of 2021 to look forward 😁
  12. futoshi92

    Anchang from Sex Machineguns
  13. futoshi92

    W sumie mogę się ponownie udzielić, bo czemu nie. Skoro mówimy o gustach, jakieś 10 lat temu sam siedziałem w Visual Kei, moimi faworytami były The Gazette, Dir en Grey, D'espairsRay, Sadie, Girugamesh. Po czym jakoś wypadłem z obiegu i przeniosłem się na japoński heavy metal (Loudness, X-Japan, Anthem, Seikima-II, Sex Machineguns itp). Aczkolwiek z ostatnich lat z VK mocno podobają mi się Defspiral i Nocturnal Bloodlust. Jeśli ktoś zna inne teraźniejsze zespoły w tych klimatach, jestem otwarty na rekomendacje! 😃 Szkoda że nas Polaków tu tak mało, bo można by było zrobić np. jakąś grupę Discordową. Jakby ktoś chciał ze mną popisać, to zapraszam 🙂
  14. futoshi92

    Ryoji Shinomoto - Vocals, Lead Guitar Shuji Shinomoto - Drums Aruta Watanabe - Bass, Backing Vocals SHINKAI - Guitar, Music Sequencer Haven't seen any general threads about artists in the past few months, so why not bring it back? 😄 I'd love to bring up one of the greatest Japanese metal acts of the last few years, namely Gyze. I've got to know Gyze way back in 2017. They played as a support for Battle Beast and "Northern Hell Song" album was brand new at the time. I remember even speaking along with my friends with Ryoji, Shuji and Aruta after the show. One hell of a good moment to practice my language skills 😃 My favourite album of theirs would be Asian Chaos, because of traditional Japanese feel to it. That felt like breath of fresh air to me. Eventhough this is their only album I own physically, I still plan to buy the remaining three. While I not really into death metal, but damn, Gyze is an absolute exception. Thier approach to melodeath is just beautiful! Here are some of my favourite songs:
  15. futoshi92

    2009 was 10 years ago? No, wait, 11! The days when I was a newbie to Visual Kei and Japanese music in general. And over those years I've became a huge enthusiast 😄 Aside that, Gazette's Dim, Lynch's Shadows and Girugamesh "Music" (it's from '08 but still) do really take me back! Other than that I'd add: Sex Machineguns - 45° (when I've heard SMG for the first time with プライド song, when it was brand new THE冠 - 傷だらけのヘビーメタル 44 Magnum - S/T Outrage - S/T
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