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  1. atsudahiru

    "hey let's get vivid together but it's vivid, ok?"
  2. atsudahiru

    very distant from what they've been releasing Still into it, but I must say it looks different
  3. it's matenrou can't be bad loved it
  4. atsudahiru

    So that's true I was wondering where the f*ck were the gt from Zoro. Guess he's gone.
  5. atsudahiru

    that's so wierd
  6. I must say I`m shocked. Just dont know if it is good or not
  7. atsudahiru

    Tell me I'm not the only Brazilian who can't take the name of this band seriously
  8. atsudahiru

    they reminds me Kra
  9. atsudahiru

    Wish I could find download from it
  10. there are plenty of songs i've never heard
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