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  1. Corronum

    I think my heart just stopped for a moment. I dreamed of this for SO LONG.
  2. Corronum

    I honestly am not surprised they didn't last. I listened to their early stuff when they got together and wasn't impressed. Maybe now's the time to give Powder a listen... Of course, I'm also firmly in the "Please let this mean moar Schwarz Stein" camp.
  3. I almost didn't recognize Louie with dark hair. He looks good!
  4. Oh god, same. Anything just to hope that their vocalist Kira does something else...I miss him.
  5. Corronum

    I'd be on that in half a minute if it's not live-distributed. Satoshi gives me life.
  6. No matter how hard I try, I just can't get into this band. Kaya's voice irritates me here, and the music is subpar and sort of...cheap sounding, I guess? I'll be skipping this as well.
  7. I like Satoshi's voice a thousand times more than Asagi's. D got old for me after Vampire Saga or whatever it was called. I liked Der Konig Der Dunkelheit and that was it.
  8. Well, that looks like it'd be fun to listen to. Shame about that whole live-distributed thing, but oh well.
  9. Corronum

    Gonna do my best not to hold my breath for this, though Blanc et Noir was kind of underwhelming.
  10. I enjoy the remakes almost as much as the original material. First Shinpan, then Dracula, now Elizabeth Bathory. I like this trend. Now I hold out for a Prelude remake. ...and maybe someday a full album. Hey, I can dream, can't I?
  11. I hope that finds its way to the internet somehow...
  12. Was JUST wondering if they'd have a new release. Awesome news!
  13. Albums and singles; I like to have the lyrics in my hands.
  14. Corronum

    I can't wait to have this. I just love the heavier sound of Dracula compared to the original recording.
  15. I sadly lack the Vampire Gothic release from Vampire Rose, so if anyone can help me get these lyrics, I'd appreciate it greatly.
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