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  1. 少女椿

    It's so fun to see when people are mourning when celebrities talks about depression or committed suicide, but when it comes to the closest relationships, friends, parents, they always, like, "you? Depression? Pff, no", when I'm trying to describe my feelings and thinking about suicide, trying to get help, everyone pretending that nothing happens at all. I dont want to deal with it. When I was 15, I thought it would be good to die at 35. I'm turning 28 next week, and the last couple of weeks my mind was changed. Doesn't matter how hard I try, I'm tired. I have no interest in life. Tired to change myself for being good for everyone, to be worth to hear a single cheerful word. I'm not sure I want to wait until 35. If life brings nothing but pain, there's no reason to wait? Too deep thoughts for the lunch break, huh... I'm working with people who turned 95, 98, 100, 102. I'm here I am, almost 28, moving like a puppet doll, emotionless, trying to hide tears. Forgot how to live without "I want to die, I want to die, I want to die" in my head, every day, every fucking second.
  2. 少女椿

    Why it's so hard to stop spending money on clothes...
  3. Doesn't matter how many battles I've won growing up from UWU KAWAII BANGYA MARRY ME to my current self, mentally strong and responsible, how many "friends" were lost just because I felt myself emotionally abused, but society and "fandom" are rejecting that fact that people are tending to grow up and change their selves and their lives. This isn't even fun anymore, but I can't stop thinking I was trying too hard to see I've got literally nothing, this kind of "zero" you may describe as "stability". I'm drained.

  4. 少女椿

    Literally my life.
  5. 少女椿

  6. 少女椿

    Your daily dose of your personal retro manga girl Trying to catch birthday mood, ah...
  7. What the fck is going on here

  8. Misa!! Long time no see!!


  9. He was the cutest Karma's fangirl... rip
  10. I think I give up on uploadings, sad to see it's just drowning and doesn't get an attention it deserves... 

  11. 少女椿

    At first I was like "ew, furry...", but then I realized I was a part of sonic the hedgehog fandom when I was 12 or 13, and their furry roleplay was a common thing... 🤔
  12. Host and "nowadays" vkei culture is so cheap, jesusss. Finally able to describe that emotion after being chikaned by random vkei-ish guy on my way home, and his "friends" were just laughing. It makes me so sick, I dont want this kind of attention at all, especially from such a 下品 people...

    1. nikuman


      chikan them back 😡throw drinks at them


      also im surprised when i still see vkei/ old school looking hosts. once i checked on one of those host ranking sites out of curiosity and the top guys were all pale dudes with bowl cuts 

    2. 少女椿


      @nikuman I hate being touched by people I'm not emotionally attached to, so I just run away and started to cry when I got home. It wasn't the first time, the first place in my personal ranking is a really awful situation when I was kissed by a drunk host and he was trying to touch my bra while I was too shocked to run away... 

  13. 少女椿

    I thought I was into girls and extremely unlucky with relationships, and I was that kind of sad old virgin (asexual old virgin) everyone always mention when it comes to talking about poor singles. But then I lost my virginity with the man I love to the moon and back, I'm 27 and finally feel myself ready for this kind of relationships (like, I feel myself hungry and naughty all the time we meet!), so yes, virginity isn't a question of time, but question of your mental state... I feel a bit ashamed of being a virgin for too long, on the other hand I'm ashamed to lost my virginity before marriage, because I was raised like that...
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